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From the month of June, 2010.

@grahamrb Sweet Lord, that’s a thing of beauty.

10:12 AM Jun 29th 2010

These Miami Uni. girls performed a cappella version of Dil Se Re:

Love it.

6:33 PM Jun 27th 2010

This is how my desktop looks, thanks to my friend @rungta’s

10:11 PM Jun 25th 2010

@rashmiswamy Congrats! Going by the long queues and delays, it’ll be some time before Aus. gets iPhone 4.

10:01 PM Jun 25th 2010

@AndazApnaApna94 @rungta
GoGo: “Pehle maal le, phir maal de”

9:03 PM Jun 25th 2010

@rungta All that laughter made me miss my station on the train back home. Didn’t bother me a bit because I kept laughing on the train back.

8:59 PM Jun 25th 2010

@AndazApnaApna94 Soja beta soja, nahin to Gogo ajayega.

6:42 PM Jun 25th 2010

@ohnoir Uncontrollably laughing as I read through @AndazApnaApna94

6:22 PM Jun 25th 2010

@rashmiswamy Gorgeous redesign, right? Expected nothing less from Flickr.

10:06 AM Jun 24th 2010

Bittersweet victory for the Socceroos. Proud of them. #worldcup

6:30 AM Jun 24th 2010

So glad I woke up at 4am for the Socceroos game. C’mon Australia! #worldcup

6:01 AM Jun 24th 2010

@rashmiswamy Ha ha. I’m sure some of his longtime fans wrote the bad reviews, but only because they face the most getting used to.

9:33 AM Jun 22nd 2010

Never again will I watch a film at Hoyts Chadstone. Only after seeing Raavan a second time elsewhere did I realise how poor their sound is.

11:34 PM Jun 20th 2010

Raavan is Mani Ratnam’s first film that took a second viewing for me to fully understand & appreciate. Now I want to watch it a third time.

11:09 PM Jun 20th 2010

@scottreismanis Nice work on IndieDB. Will Indies be allowed to sell their work directly from the site in future?

11:12 AM Jun 19th 2010

@oddysee @rekharach Sounds like a nice way to rest before your flight back. Can’t wait to hear all the stories.

4:22 PM Jun 18th 2010

Thrilled by this morning’s surge of new followers for, our new blog about the web’s finest copywriting.

10:26 AM Jun 18th 2010

I like the constraints of a soft keyboard because it makes my writing brief.

8:02 AM Jun 18th 2010

@rekharach I wouldn’t be surprised if sleeping in was the highlight of your trip.

8:10 AM Jun 17th 2010

@rekharach @oddysee Glad you guys had clear weather for Milford Sound. Take lots of photos.

5:22 PM Jun 16th 2010

@oddysee That looks warm. How was the skiing?

11:29 AM Jun 15th 2010

Overwhelmed with 90s R&B nostalgia. Remember “I Will Get There”?

10:52 PM Jun 14th 2010

@oddysee @rekharach Oh well, enjoy the winter sights at least. You can save activities for a summer trip.

11:32 AM Jun 14th 2010

@oddysee So sad. Extreme weather? If you do go on your way back, be careful, please.

11:43 AM Jun 13th 2010

A good filmmaker is a good thinker. This new interview of Mani Ratnam should prove it: bangaloremir…ners….html[+]

11:27 AM Jun 13th 2010

@oddysee Good luck. Worst case, you could try on your drive back, perhaps?

8:19 PM Jun 12th 2010

@oddysee Oh no. Is it on tomorrow?

6:43 PM Jun 12th 2010

My parents wanted nothing more than every kind of Puri for their Anniversary: Pani Puri, Sev Puri, Bhel Puri, Dahi Puri…We’re all so full!

6:42 PM Jun 12th 2010

@oddysee That’s a nice way to start your holiday. Also, Mum & Dad got your wishes and they say “thanks!”

12:34 PM Jun 12th 2010

@xAbhishek They probably bought Palm for its patents.

9:12 AM Jun 10th 2010

I’m no New Yorker, but I can relate to @bobulate’s “The city that is a goal”:

2:59 PM Jun 8th 2010

Here we go again with these Yes/No phone feature comparisons. Where’s the tick-box for simplicity?

1:09 PM Jun 8th 2010

@PGHarrison In Kashmir, near the disputed border of India and Pakistan.

6:56 PM Jun 7th 2010

Qazinag National Park should be a model for resolving other disputed areas: turn them into wildlife sanctuaries and let nature claim it.

5:20 PM Jun 7th 2010

Too cold to be cycling, so I spent the Sunday morning playing my Tabla:

11:11 AM Jun 6th 2010

@rungta Yes, and I suspect there’s more to it: Sa, Si, Ra for melodic instruments and Ta, Dha, Na for percussive ones? chandrakanth…ruments.html[+]

8:37 PM Jun 5th 2010

Surely it’s not coincidental that all of my favourite Indian stringed instruments start with “S”: Sarod, Santoor, Sarangi and Sitar.

7:11 PM Jun 5th 2010

@grahamrb WWDC deadlines are a priority perhaps.

10:10 PM Jun 2nd 2010

Public donations (mine included) fund the first billboard for @replacehzlwood campaign:[+]

4:58 PM Jun 1st 2010