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From the month of November, 2008.

Citizen community discussions on gaining momentum:…sshealthcare[+] Powered by the IntenseDebate plugin

9:31 AM Nov 29th 2008

Shocked and deeply upset by the terrorist attacks in Mumbai

11:08 AM Nov 27th 2008

@rungta Just found out first-hand that google transliterate sucks if copy-pasting sentences. You’ll have to transliterate for me

8:11 AM Nov 25th 2008

@jymloke Under settings, there should be a themes tab. It’s slowly being rolled out and I only got mine a couple of hours ago

5:16 PM Nov 20th 2008

My gmail interface just lost some blue. Not sure if it’s final but I like the new tweaks.

10:59 AM Nov 20th 2008

“Colored background age so much quicker than white backgrounds. A color I liked yesterday bores me 3 days later.White, never” via jasonfried

11:20 AM Nov 11th 2008

@rungta What a nightmare! One of those things you think will never happen to you…hope you survived the exam

6:08 AM Nov 11th 2008

While the intentions are good for, it lacks the design sense of[+]. Hope change comes to its design

12:15 PM Nov 7th 2008

Nearly every moment of the long campaign captured in pictures:…obama_daily/[+]

5:03 PM Nov 6th 2008

CNN and BBC just called victory for Obama!

2:16 PM Nov 5th 2008

Didn’t get much sleep & not getting any work done this morning as I watch every step of Obama’s march to victory

1:24 PM Nov 5th 2008