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From the month of August, 2011.

@zaana It was great having you there! Glad you got home at a somewhat reasonable hour :)

8:08 PM Aug 31st 2011 in reply to zaana

@zaana Thanks again for giving us a hand. Hope your trip back home wasn’t too late.

7:48 PM Aug 31st 2011 in reply to zaana

@amandamli Glad it worked out :) Leon says sorry too. We’ll find time tomorrow, somehow.

9:12 AM Aug 31st 2011 in reply to amandamli

@rungta That guy and his ringtone are the coolest to me.

6:52 AM Aug 31st 2011 in reply to rungta

@andrewlitvak You’re such a troll. Not exactly selling it to me with that link. @c0uP @amandamli @emlaurajackson

8:21 AM Aug 30th 2011 in reply to andrewlitvak

F1: Incredible driving by Schumy from last to fifth! Couldn’t have asked for more from the master of Spa.

11:37 PM Aug 28th 2011

f1: I can’t believe what I’m reading. Spa has been relegated to once in two years! Bernie, I HATE YOU:…1-race-2013/[+]

9:33 PM Aug 28th 2011

Counting down to Spa 2011. Mixed weather, mixed grid order and Schumy fighting from last like old times should make for a great race. #f1

6:36 PM Aug 28th 2011

“Good design reflects (natural) behaviour, but it can inform (better) behaviour too” — @mattmorphett #UXAustralia

3:39 PM Aug 26th 2011

You can’t deliver great user experiences without great service design, says Felicity Evans (@webfliccy), citing Ocado. #UXAustralia

3:04 PM Aug 26th 2011

How would in-flight experiences change if seats could be turned to face each other? #UXAustralia[+]

11:50 AM Aug 26th 2011

Simpsons characters as personas for Air New Zealand’s customer experience design. #UXAustralia[+]

11:33 AM Aug 26th 2011

“Language is the basis of interaction design. Enable conversations to create continuous experiences across channels” @rodfarmer #UXAustralia

10:40 AM Aug 26th 2011

UXAustralia: Daniel Szuc & Whitney Quesenbery explain the layers of cultural knowledge, immersing in culture sufficiently, and empathising.

4:58 PM Aug 25th 2011

UXAustralia: Michelle Berryman shares lessons from experience design in surgical environments, where there is NO room for bad design.

3:28 PM Aug 25th 2011

“Sell your design process to clients above all else” — Anthony Ditton on co-design #UXAustralia #donline

2:28 PM Aug 25th 2011

“Clients are more likely to trust unusual / experimental designs if they participated in them” — Anthony Ditton on co-design #UXAustralia

12:37 PM Aug 25th 2011

“Co-designing with clients can fundamentally shift clients’ perspective closer to the user.” — Anthony Ditton #UXAustralia

12:11 PM Aug 25th 2011

“Behaviour, not technology, is our medium of design” — Rachel @Hinman #UXAustralia #donline

11:23 AM Aug 25th 2011

“Unless design is part of your company’s culture, it will be rejected, like an immune system response” — @kimgoodwin #UXAustralia #donline

10:05 AM Aug 25th 2011

Excited about this new ‘Golden Grid System’, not least because it’s based on Massimo @vignelli’s legendary Unigrid:[+]

10:31 PM Aug 18th 2011

Nothing beats freshly squeezed orange juice from Mum’s garden.

6:40 PM Aug 14th 2011

@naomieve I can’t wait for season 2 to start!

8:44 PM Aug 11th 2011 in reply to naomieve

@oddysee Damn, you must be running very late then :(

7:36 AM Aug 10th 2011 in reply to oddysee

How every holiday should be: “Move, eat, learn”[+]

7:10 PM Aug 7th 2011

Fascinating how centuries old typefaces like Garamond and Bodoni are logotypes for fashion labels and Lady Gaga.

9:20 AM Aug 5th 2011

@amandamli eating cold pizza from yesterday is a sad sight #worstfoodie #donline

1:48 PM Aug 4th 2011

@helveticade For UI generally, I agree. But at least this page is well executed, unlike the new iCal, yuck! @deanfrancis @chrisbride

11:57 AM Aug 2nd 2011 in reply to helveticade

@helveticade I’m with you on the ageing thing, but this is fair: ID badge worn on a shirt for a login page, duh @deanfrancis @chrisbride

11:55 AM Aug 2nd 2011 in reply to helveticade

@chrisbride It’s so beautiful. Can’t wait to try it.

10:51 AM Aug 2nd 2011 in reply to chrisbride

@amandamli Great man. Had forgotten what he said about today’s devaluing of ‘designer’ and why he prefers to be called a “Gestalt-Ingenieur”

6:44 AM Aug 2nd 2011 in reply to amandamli