Thus twat tweeted @rakeshrach.

From the month of July, 2010.

Marion Cotillard (of “Inception”) and her documentary film:

1:24 PM Jul 31st 2010

@rekharach LOL, so you heard back from them.

6:29 PM Jul 28th 2010

“Please keep the door closed! Please don’t use Comic Sans.”

11:05 AM Jul 26th 2010

@oddysee Ok, you guys have to make this next time you come over.

2:11 PM Jul 25th 2010

@rekharach How nice. Did you take a photo?

5:49 PM Jul 24th 2010

“I’m not arrogant. I’m just better than you”:

11:20 AM Jul 23rd 2010

I want more days like this where I’m particularly happy for no particular reason.

8:34 PM Jul 21st 2010

@grahamrb That’s a massive data centre. What else could it be for?

3:43 PM Jul 21st 2010

Inception this Friday. Can’t wait.

10:38 AM Jul 21st 2010

@grahamrb Greenshot looks handy indeed for the ThinkPad. Worth remembering.

3:18 PM Jul 13th 2010

@oddysee Looks crap, yes. I’ll stick to their prepaid plan, which is great: (Graham’s website)

4:08 PM Jul 2nd 2010

@grahamrb Yay. It look gorgeous.

8:06 AM Jul 1st 2010