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From the month of February, 2010.

@PGHarrison That’s so nice. Congrats Pete!

4:59 PM Feb 28th 2010

Say what you will about Microsoft, but you have to admire Bill Gates’ renewed focus on Zero Carbon Technology:…l_gates.html[+] #TED2010

11:21 AM Feb 28th 2010

@rekharach wow, you’re actually tweeting!

8:03 PM Feb 25th 2010

@oddysee Haha, yes, it would’ve been distrubing at work. Big day out explains it all.

3:09 PM Feb 25th 2010

@oddysee Is this at your workplace?

10:32 AM Feb 25th 2010

The only thing that excites me about cricket is a Tendulkar hundred. I’m doubly excited.

8:40 AM Feb 25th 2010

Winter Olympics is a joy to watch. Wish I were in Vancouver right now.

7:13 PM Feb 20th 2010

Torah Bright is adorable. Her smiling after a horror first run, and her ‘so what?’ attitude in the second run to win gold — very inspiring.

6:54 AM Feb 20th 2010

@oddysee Pushpak was my favourite comedy as a kid. I’ll never forget its poignant ending.

7:29 PM Feb 19th 2010

@rashmiswamy Love that movie too.

7:35 AM Feb 19th 2010

@oddysee Insightful article. I couldn’t find that exact line you quoted though. Is it in the published paper?

1:07 PM Feb 18th 2010

@oddysee Hardware this, Android that. Where’s the emphasis on simpler software & even better user experience than iPad? Good luck to them.

4:07 PM Feb 15th 2010

@paulidownunder Interesting. Hadn’t heard of Open Movie. Thanks for the link.

11:14 AM Feb 14th 2010

@amolpradhan Worst order of all time! I was robbed of that 8 bucks.

7:51 PM Feb 12th 2010

@amolpradhan Taking it from the Ticket Inspector:

7:04 PM Feb 12th 2010

The guy next to me is wearing his shirt inside-out. Should I tell him?

12:37 PM Feb 10th 2010

“Climbing is meditation. I’ve long since realized this is why I’m drawn to this kind of activity.” — @craigmod…na_moonrise/[+].

4:40 PM Feb 8th 2010

‘Karthik Calling Karthik’ has been growing on me all weekend, both as a soundtrack and as a film to look forward to.

1:40 PM Feb 7th 2010

@amolpradhan Agreed, but iPad (like iPhone) will still be a hit among those who value simplicity over features. Less, but better.

9:26 PM Feb 3rd 2010

@amolpradhan USB, camera, etc, would be nice to fit in, but it’s a v1.0. Atleast they’ll be shipping, while other companies do nothing new.

6:45 PM Feb 3rd 2010

@jaigs Sad day indeed. Thankfully, Sun open-sourced a lot of its technology, so the open stuff will survive if not thrive.

6:07 AM Feb 2nd 2010

“He’s not just another composer from India. He is India’s composer.” – Gulzar on Rahman’s double Grammy win.

5:44 AM Feb 2nd 2010

@rungta With UK’s lead, I hope it will screen at IFF2010 in March, but the program list isn’t out yet. Lucky you, @rashmiswamy

12:46 PM Feb 1st 2010