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From the month of July, 2008.

I’m in a mixed state of emotions after reading through “Days with my father” -

10:53 AM Jul 29th 2008

“Fonts are the clothes that words wear” – via

7:53 AM Jul 29th 2008

It’s raining in Melbourne and we badly need more. Water reserves are at 29% and dropping to their lowest ever: melbournewat…om_graph.asp[+]

9:19 PM Jul 10th 2008

@rungta that’s damn good, well done!

8:55 PM Jul 10th 2008

I want my very own compressed air car, despite its ugly looks: businessweek…cussed_ssi_5[+]

12:08 PM Jul 7th 2008

@rungta I watched it too and thought the same - nicely done entertainer

12:03 PM Jul 6th 2008

37signals to drop support for IE6 across all its products:…-phasin.html[+]

3:42 PM Jul 4th 2008

Didn’t strike me till now that Heath Ledger’s character in ‘The Dark Knight’ looks similar to Malcolm McDowell’s in ‘The Clockwork Orange’

12:02 PM Jul 2nd 2008