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The 2013 collection.

Gold Panda’s latest after a long wait is so worth it:…=aV0Ky0ijGNc[+]

10:02 AM Jun 10th 2013

Can’t contain my excitement for the new Boards of Canada album.…=2jTg-q6Drt0[+]

8:54 PM Jun 5th 2013

@oddysee That’s a way good way to think about it.

4:47 PM Jun 4th 2013 in reply to oddysee

@chrisbride Yeah, way better in all respects.

2:51 PM Jun 4th 2013 in reply to chrisbride

Gorgeous full-screen views on @Rdio.

11:34 AM Jun 4th 2013

@fabriciot Their header looks like something out of a wireframe.

11:32 AM Jun 4th 2013 in reply to fabriciot

I’m not saying we ditch web for native mobile, but I am suggesting we think beyond adaptive layouts. “Responsive” can mean so much more.

9:20 AM Jun 4th 2013

Three years of responsive web design and it’s still about screen size. Native mobile apps are arguably more “responsive” to real context.

9:10 AM Jun 4th 2013

That concludes a long week of customer research. So humbling to see the truth in regular people trying to get a job done with your product.

9:00 AM May 31st 2013

This three hour flight to Sydney felt as long as an international trip. If only there was a holiday at the end of it.

11:10 AM May 29th 2013

.@Flickr’s new design is step forward, but their new pricing feels like a step back. Why dilute Pro features to just an ad-free experience?

5:40 PM May 22nd 2013

@force10x Delete’s ok, but the rest trip me up often. Not good.

4:28 PM May 22nd 2013 in reply to force10x

.@gmail’s icons without any labels trip me up even months after use. Which one’s Archive again? Delete? Move? Gosh.

1:52 PM May 22nd 2013

@worrydream How do you fund your independent research? Can we, the public, help you Kickstarter-style?

8:53 AM May 22nd 2013

#CX2013 is off to a great start with @ScottevestCEO sharing his story of reinventing pockets and travel clothing.

9:42 AM May 6th 2013

@MichaelBoyd_23 Thanks! It’s been smooth so far, interesting projects. Hope things are well with you too.

5:17 PM May 1st 2013 in reply to MichaelBoyd_23

We have an opening for a Senior User Experience Designer at DT:…obs_share_fb[+]

3:09 PM Apr 30th 2013

Tumblr is the web’s quiet achiever. Thriving community and content, yet hardly any coverage in the press compared to their competition.

11:05 AM Apr 19th 2013

@jwswj Interestingly, Android 2.x browsers are the new IE6 for them.

8:51 AM Apr 19th 2013 in reply to jwswj

@robertsparis The site looks different (and better) than last time I saw it. Your work?

4:35 PM Apr 17th 2013 in reply to robertsparis

@chrisbride Yep, I see Wilson Miner’s touch all over their design.

10:26 AM Apr 16th 2013 in reply to chrisbride

@grahamrb Not surprised MOG’s average. Rdio’s collection has served me ok so far, but let’s see… I’ll certainly be tweeting about it.

5:27 PM Apr 15th 2013 in reply to grahamrb

@davidsamaras Heh, Rdio’s library has served me ok so far, but you might be right long term.

3:49 PM Apr 15th 2013 in reply to davidsamaras

Everyone’s on Spotify and I’ve tried to join in but man I can’t stomach their design. @Rdio for me.

3:31 PM Apr 15th 2013

@deanfra Dude, why not @Rdio? Also, can’t you cut back on like 3 coffees and get a paid account? :P

3:27 PM Apr 15th 2013 in reply to deanfra

Re-watched Brett Victor’s acclaimed ‘Inventing on Principle.’ His words to live by: “Do you define yourself by your craft or by your cause?”

8:39 AM Apr 15th 2013

@chrisbride Not sure, but I’d guess it’s either their tech limitations or users being better at spotting things than describing as a query.

9:40 PM Apr 11th 2013 in reply to chrisbride

@jasehutch Know what you mean. Their beta started more visual a year ago and gradually got textual with feedback: digital.cabi…erate-again/[+]

5:46 PM Apr 11th 2013 in reply to jasehutch

Notice how they’ve ditched the traditional nav bar in favour of a homepage as the launchpad.

10:13 AM Apr 11th 2013

Numeric keypads shouldn’t come by default on modern desktop keyboards. The extra reach to the mouse hurts over time. Loss in desk space too.

9:31 AM Apr 11th 2013

“Push notifications are an under-explored interface. Apps with which you interact without ever opening…”…20ae8b36f564[+]

2:12 PM Apr 10th 2013

@PGHarrison Evil’s probably too strong a word, but neither are great.

8:05 PM Apr 9th 2013 in reply to PGHarrison

@PGHarrison Lesser of two evils with these parties. I too wish we had a credible alternative.

7:04 PM Apr 9th 2013 in reply to PGHarrison

@helveticade @deanfra @chesterm8 Thanks guys, I’ll look into these. Wish it was simpler to ship for headphones though.

1:09 PM Apr 9th 2013 in reply to helveticade

@deanfra @helveticade Curious: which headphones do you guys use at work? I’m looking for a new set and the options are daunting.

12:50 PM Apr 9th 2013

@force10x For one-month gigs, you’re better off with freelancers dude. Check out Elance or something.

4:12 PM Apr 5th 2013 in reply to force10x

Why can’t all lifts have buttons like this old one at David Jones?

1:06 PM Apr 4th 2013

@andytlr @lukechesser Good discussion. Timelines are historically drawn the other way. Flipping to an older chapter is the other way too.

8:16 AM Apr 3rd 2013 in reply to andytlr

@helveticade It blows me away that they get away with pretending.

5:35 PM Apr 2nd 2013 in reply to helveticade

With all that talent at Facebook, you’d think ugly pages like this wouldn’t exist. But privacy’s not their priority.

5:19 PM Apr 2nd 2013

@chrisbride Your idea of Apple TVs hooked up in meeting rooms: they’re all over here. AirPlay is so handy.

11:14 AM Mar 27th 2013

A little late to this, but I’m loving the sharp new ads for JC Penney by @ksegall and co.…=FEaXnPXJwe8[+]

9:28 AM Mar 27th 2013

@melizaho @chesterm8 Isn’t it the best feeling knowing you’ve donated blood? Reminds me, I’m due for my next round.

9:53 AM Mar 26th 2013 in reply to chesterm8

And there’s that S word again… “Skeuomorphism.” Whatever your stance, remember MS DOS and every desktop UI metaphor with similar roots.

2:54 PM Mar 22nd 2013

It’s funny how “flat design” is talked about as a new thing. Pick up a history book and turn to the chapter on Modernism.

2:36 PM Mar 22nd 2013

The hardest part of changing jobs is the goodbyes :(…/W5SUdHJ_US/[+]

9:06 AM Mar 16th 2013

@trowdy The design trilogy is definitely worth a watch: Helvetica, Objectified and Urbanized.

8:45 PM Mar 14th 2013 in reply to trowdy

@trowdy Love that doco and the whole trilogy really. Gary Hustwit gets it.

6:40 PM Mar 14th 2013 in reply to trowdy

@fraencisbeats Nah, you might have a whole new market in Xmas tunes and jingles. #popefrancis

7:40 AM Mar 14th 2013 in reply to fraencisbeats

@twitDaveO Heard your plea and endorsed you for Axure. Also endorsed @kstre for Sheep Shearing, because he was asking for it in a way :)

2:53 PM Mar 5th 2013

@deanfra @trowdy So basically their government did a Myki for websites. Corruption or mismanagement? Makes no difference to the public.

12:16 PM Mar 5th 2013 in reply to deanfra

@trowdy Trends-obsessed architects unleashing all kinds of attention-grabbing crazy without any sense of responsibility or timelessness.

8:44 AM Mar 5th 2013 in reply to trowdy

Wouldn’t it be nice if job titles described what we do, not what we are? “I make XYZ better” rather than “I’m an XYZer.” Verbose but clear.

7:52 AM Mar 5th 2013

@xAbhishek Nice looking deck. Surprised to see ‘Yes / No’ button labels though. Slip-up or deliberate?

5:08 AM Mar 5th 2013 in reply to xAbhishek

I find it helps to think more in terms of ergonomics and industrial design when crafting touch interfaces. It’s a physical act, ultimately.

12:32 PM Mar 1st 2013

We call all these things digital, yet the piece of glass in our hands we touch, swipe, feel, talk into… It’s more physical, natural.

12:22 PM Mar 1st 2013

To folks behind company twitter accounts: Why waste your eminence recycling news links? How about some original, opinionated writing.

8:13 AM Mar 1st 2013

I’ve learnt that product design is basically answering one question (“Is this a feature or a product?”) over and over without going insane.

8:10 AM Feb 28th 2013

@souvikdg Really enjoyed your talk. Solid tips and hilarious anecdotes :) The crowd seemed quite engaged too. Well done!

9:05 PM Feb 25th 2013

Great way to start my week with this insightful talk by @rungta: Design by Philosophy…[+]

8:15 AM Feb 25th 2013

@rungta Just caught your talk @metarefresh. Clear thoughts and analogies presented in a way that’ll stick. Well done! Q&A was great too.

8:07 AM Feb 25th 2013 in reply to rungta

Melbourne really turned it on for #WhiteNight. Please let this be an annual event. @ Birrarung Marr…/WE5AuAp_Ya/[+]

8:42 AM Feb 24th 2013

How adorable are these kids and their self-designed lunch-boxes which Sir Jony Ive reviewed:…[+]

(Via @gruber)

6:26 AM Feb 22nd 2013

@trowdy haha I feel that way about it too. Worst twitter client on iPad.

4:24 PM Feb 21st 2013 in reply to trowdy

@established1987 @jGalliers There’s a reason I’m getting Michael to email them. Shoot the messenger :)

3:50 PM Feb 21st 2013 in reply to jGalliers

@kstre Hahaha, what’s funnier is his words for justifying it: “Maybe it’s the scientific sceptic in me, but…”

6:45 AM Feb 18th 2013 in reply to kstre

@oddysee Yep, design seems to happen everywhere these days, but ideally it should be in that structure.

7:13 PM Feb 15th 2013 in reply to oddysee

@c0up @deanfra @trowdy @deanfrancis iframes? He’be be a natural with gestures.

12:32 PM Feb 15th 2013 in reply to c0up

@c0up LOL, sure hope I don’t sound like that all the time.

8:25 AM Feb 15th 2013 in reply to c0up

Job titles aside, an agency is ultimately three teams:
1. Folks who inform the design
2. Folks who design
3. Folks who realise the design

8:08 AM Feb 15th 2013

Design considers every detail. What the industry calls ‘conceptual design’ abstracts detail. Let’s call that ‘conceptual modeling’ instead.

7:43 AM Feb 15th 2013

@kstre haha, the money is mainly for IE.

6:16 PM Feb 13th 2013 in reply to kstre

@miranj What time of day were they shot? And what kit? They came out really well.

5:31 AM Feb 13th 2013 in reply to miranj

Proficiency in tools can be a prerequisite to a craft, but they can’t be its definition. Growth stems from new problems requiring new tools.

8:08 AM Feb 8th 2013

Knowing how to wireframe or photoshop doesn’t make one a designer just as typing doesn’t make one a writer. We must grow beyond our tools.

7:29 AM Feb 8th 2013

Overheard on the tram: “Myki is the best example of reinventing the wheel and coming up with a square.”

12:43 PM Feb 5th 2013

The best interaction design requires the least interaction to get the job done. The simplest path to the answer is what people seek.

7:59 AM Jan 31st 2013

Funny how interaction design is hyped as this cool thing people would love to interact with. People only love interacting with other people.

7:54 AM Jan 31st 2013

@established1987 I said hi and you were like, eeeeh. Classic.

11:40 AM Jan 30th 2013 in reply to established1987

@trowdy @deanfra @helveticade LOL, basically any title that obscures real work and distances the hard yakka involved.

9:53 AM Jan 25th 2013 in reply to deanfra

Regular feedback is good and all, but sometimes it’s like tasting the food while still being cooked — give it some time.

12:19 PM Jan 24th 2013

When designers get it wrong and people struggle through its use, you see that design isn’t about trends or style; design is about ethics.

8:51 AM Jan 22nd 2013

Watching tourists and seniors struggle with Myki shows how broken it really is. The govt’s ignorance of the issues is basically corruption.

7:59 AM Jan 22nd 2013

Getting back at @established1987 by revealing his birthday today. Enjoy it mate, and thanks @fefefeng for the tipoff :)

5:09 PM Jan 21st 2013

Resist the urge to over-optimise layouts for mobile or tablet – too much and you’ll risk disorientating users who often switch devices.

8:49 AM Jan 21st 2013

@macromates Love the new file browser in nightly builds. Much cleaner and simpler. Thanks!

1:25 PM Jan 18th 2013

The web’s openness means we’re not done designing until we’re done writing – ask if your design works even with screen readers for the blind

9:15 AM Jan 18th 2013

@helveticade TextMate 2’s certainly worth another look. I’ve found the defaults fine, but there’s a solid list of plugins under Preferences.

8:17 AM Jan 18th 2013 in reply to helveticade

@deanfra Sublime is great but doesn’t provide a fully native Mac experience like TextMate does. Little things like keyboard bindings, icons.

8:47 AM Jan 17th 2013 in reply to deanfra

TextMate 2’s nightly builds keep getting better. (Love the cleaner side bar.) Open sourcing it was a good thing after all.

8:02 AM Jan 17th 2013

@wordsfromwongy No different to English punctuation arguments you’d have with writers :)

1:48 PM Jan 9th 2013 in reply to wordsfromwongy

Amen to @TrentWalton’s reminder about the web’s flexible foundations: trentwalton….foundations/[+]

10:26 AM Jan 8th 2013

@rungta Happy birthday! Wishing you @bellycentric worthy treats all day :)

6:18 AM Jan 8th 2013 in reply to rungta

@rashmiswamy So many colourful portraits. Another immediate follow.

9:23 AM Jan 5th 2013 in reply to rashmiswamy

@rungta Followed and added as contact. Thanks for sharing.

9:22 AM Jan 5th 2013 in reply to rungta