Thus twat tweeted @rakeshrach.

The 2010 collection.

Does “tweet more often” count as a New Year’s resolution?

Happy 2011 you guys.

11:16 PM Dec 31st 2010

@andrewlitvak @dkeeghan I swear by @Internode too. Unmatched in all aspects. Happy customer, me.

7:58 AM Dec 24th 2010 in reply to andrewlitvak

Love these minimalist package designs, especially Nutella’s:

10:00 PM Dec 23rd 2010

@emlaurajackson @naomieve @chrisbride @andrewlitvak Might have to glad wrap the entire desk to stop the stench.

2:36 PM Dec 22nd 2010 in reply to emlaurajackson

Em and @chrisbride putting up ‘The Wall of Same’ #donline

1:55 PM Dec 22nd 2010

Roads flooded. Seek alternate route. @ Endeavour Hills

7:08 PM Dec 20th 2010

@scottreismanis Great news mate. Congrats on making it happen. I realise how much effort it would’ve taken. All the best!

3:55 PM Dec 19th 2010 in reply to scottreismanis

@deanfrancis You are not allowed to complain about the Narree train, ever.

5:24 PM Dec 15th 2010 in reply to _deanfrancis_

@andrewlitvak @dkeeghan Leon, Jen, Jonesy, Russell and me. Wanna come? We’re booking tonight cos good seats are selling fast.

5:10 PM Dec 15th 2010 in reply to andrewlitvak

@owenhodda LOL, I haven’t heard that excuse before.

5:58 PM Dec 14th 2010 in reply to owenhodda

@andrewlitvak LOL. Guess I shouldn’t tweet if it’s not a rant.

9:01 AM Dec 14th 2010 in reply to andrewlitvak

This isn’t a rant about the morning traffic. This is about the calming sound of Chicane’s latest, and how it got me through it.

8:26 AM Dec 14th 2010

@adriancb Nice work mate. Looking forward to see what comes out of it.

7:50 AM Dec 14th 2010 in reply to adriancb

@dkeeghan Haha, proven track record then. Must include in my next set of slides.

7:44 AM Dec 14th 2010 in reply to dkeeghan

@dkeeghan Awesome. That shot of @heikowaechter deserves some credit though :p

7:36 AM Dec 14th 2010 in reply to dkeeghan

@rungta So that’s where you were heading!

10:04 PM Dec 12th 2010 in reply to rungta

@force10x Wish I could’ve stayed longer. Double booked catchups.

12:30 AM Dec 11th 2010 in reply to force10x

#donline #xmas preparing to sing carols in public. Embarrassing!

3:35 PM Dec 10th 2010

#donline #xmas Team Ho strolling around the CBD, with hats, looking silly

3:33 PM Dec 10th 2010

@force10x Dude, that sucks. You missed drinks. Make up for it tomorrow.

8:54 PM Dec 9th 2010 in reply to force10x

@rashmiswamy Oh you have no idea about Hyderabad’s weather.Visit in summer. That said, I love the old city.

2:30 PM Dec 9th 2010 in reply to rashmiswamy

@rungta I must’ve traveled on the Brindavan a million times. So many memories, many involving train food (which I used to be able to eat).

2:18 PM Dec 9th 2010 in reply to rungta

“Social media is all about authenticity; real people, real voices – not marketing spin.” – @Green_Dot

Amen to that.

10:56 AM Dec 8th 2010

I like how the eye is guided by arrows on

11:02 AM Dec 5th 2010

@rungta I see your sleeping patterns haven’t changed.

10:03 AM Dec 5th 2010 in reply to rungta

@amolpradhan Haha, yes I have to get one of those. Time to ditch the cheap
Aldi one.

10:31 AM Dec 4th 2010 in reply to amolpradhan

@andrewlitvak They’re bubbling up the right information, but it’s too crowded for my liking. More whitespace & I’ll be happier. /cc @NetBank

6:49 PM Dec 2nd 2010 in reply to andrewlitvak

HATE the new home screen of CBA’s NetBank. Whatever happened to whitespace.

9:01 PM Nov 30th 2010

@deanfrancis WOAH, can’t believe this is for real.

5:19 PM Nov 30th 2010 in reply to _deanfrancis_

R.I.P. Irvin Kershner, Director of the only Star Wars film that was well directed (The Empire Strikes Back).

3:15 PM Nov 30th 2010

Spent the morning fixing Dojo framework’s ridiculous CSS. Table-based layouts are so 1995.

10:09 AM Nov 24th 2010

.@grahamrb says the Apple TV update is out today. Even better.

7:35 AM Nov 23rd 2010

@adriancb But design is both form and function. A lot of things are crap in this sense.

7:10 AM Nov 23rd 2010 in reply to adriancb

Timed my Apple TV purchase well. Video AirPlay is coming as a software update in a few days:[+]

7:08 AM Nov 23rd 2010

@deanfrancis I gave up waiting & just drove to the Glen Waverley line. Traffic was horrible, parking was a shocker, but I finally got in.

9:04 AM Nov 22nd 2010 in reply to _deanfrancis_

@grahamrb Buses have been too few and too packed. Ended up driving to the Glen Waverley line. One hour just to get on a train :(

7:48 AM Nov 22nd 2010 in reply to grahamrb

Still no trains running on the Pakenham line. WTF.

7:18 AM Nov 22nd 2010

How handy is this? An iPhone app to help with the upcoming election:…519591?mt=8#[+]. Made by our team at @deloitteonline #donline

8:59 AM Nov 19th 2010

No! I just updated Instagram to find a less than impressive Holga-style icon. What was wrong with that gorgeous white Polaroid?

11:12 PM Nov 15th 2010

Path might have a winner with their “personal network”: (via @rjs)

4:15 PM Nov 15th 2010

@oddysee Yeah, I was bummed about that.

11:11 PM Nov 14th 2010 in reply to oddysee

I’m just glad Schumacher’s okay. #f1

11:10 PM Nov 14th 2010

What I wouldn’t give to see Vettel and Alonso take each other out on the first lap. Smash! #f1

10:55 PM Nov 14th 2010

My dream finish to the F1 season: Webber 1st, Schumy 2nd, and anyone but Vettel and Alonso 3rd. C’mon @AussieGrit!

7:01 PM Nov 12th 2010

@rekharach LOL. That’s part of the act, silly.

6:52 PM Nov 12th 2010 in reply to rekharach

@oddysee It was tough! Just the one time this week. I’ll know for sure in a while.

9:43 PM Nov 10th 2010 in reply to oddysee

@oddysee Know how you feel, but I’ll bet I feel worse than you right now. Had to start work at 8! That’s a new record for me.

7:01 AM Nov 10th 2010 in reply to oddysee

@grahamrb So jealous. Might gift myself one for Christmas.

8:42 PM Nov 8th 2010 in reply to grahamrb

@rashmiswamy It works especially well when you’re on a bus/train holding onto a rail and have only one hand to spare.

6:08 AM Nov 5th 2010 in reply to rashmiswamy is now public. I’ve been testing the beta for a while and it’s great. So, what are you guys waiting for? Sign up!

10:15 PM Nov 4th 2010

I’ll never understand people wearing skinny jeans at the gym.

6:50 PM Nov 4th 2010

@paulidownunder That’s no good. When will you come back to the Melb office? We need to catchup.

5:46 PM Nov 4th 2010 in reply to paulidownunder

@PGHarrison What a match. Bring on the Ashes!

10:06 PM Nov 3rd 2010 in reply to PGHarrison

@playframework Great work, you guys. The new site looks gorgeous.

9:36 PM Nov 2nd 2010 in reply to playframework

I had forgotten how frustrating it can be to resolve UNIX package dependencies. Rudix saved my day:

7:25 PM Oct 31st 2010

@rungta Great initiative by them. A must-do for my next visit.

7:12 PM Oct 30th 2010 in reply to rungta

@rungta To be at Mahabalipuram is one thing, but to cycle there? Awesome. Hope you took photos as well.

6:01 PM Oct 30th 2010 in reply to rungta

You have to see the new MacBook Air in person. Everything looks thick after trying the 11 inch in store.

12:20 PM Oct 30th 2010

@rashmiswamy Thanks! I feel the place needs a shakeup, and therein lies the opportunity. Let’s see.

6:17 AM Oct 30th 2010 in reply to rashmiswamy

@rungta @rashmiswamy Thanks, yeah big changes these past three years & hopefully even more at

7:52 PM Oct 29th 2010 in reply to rungta

Last day at IBM. Can’t believe it’s been three years.

7:23 AM Oct 29th 2010

@rungta 7 Days to another Continuum classic. Also can’t wait to hear that Dido track (a Rahman composition).

10:02 PM Oct 26th 2010 in reply to rungta

What does this even mean for 95% of the population? #marketingFAIL

11:34 AM Oct 26th 2010

@rashmiswamy I miss walking around there.

7:07 AM Oct 25th 2010

@rungta No better way to describe his music.

7:06 AM Oct 25th 2010 in reply to rungta

For once, I’m enjoying @gruber’s baseball tweets. Angry Gruber going off at Texas is fun to follow.

2:49 PM Oct 24th 2010

Java haters: before you tweet, know that Twitter is powered mostly by Java. It’s more of a server-side runtime than a language these days.

3:02 PM Oct 22nd 2010

Apple deprecates Java on OS X. Big deal. There’s always OpenJDK.

2:53 PM Oct 22nd 2010

@rungta Have you heard Dan Cederholm’s interview on The Big Web Show? That’s great too.

8:43 PM Oct 21st 2010

@sumitsharan Thanks! More to come.

5:50 PM Oct 21st 2010

@sumitsharan Yep, I’ll use Instagram for iPhone when needed.

5:05 PM Oct 21st 2010

I’ve started a new photography series on Melbourne’s street life, in which I shoot exclusively with a phone camera:

4:39 PM Oct 21st 2010

“Caution: Low flying vehicle”

8:05 AM Oct 21st 2010

@paulidownunder Cool. I hope it works out.

7:21 AM Oct 21st 2010

@paulidownunder Nice, but for work or pleasure?

5:08 PM Oct 20th 2010

Smartass University — Taking the piss since 1893

8:04 AM Oct 20th 2010

@adriancb I’d say so. It’s their signature now.

7:59 AM Oct 20th 2010

@rungta Arjun’s character was critical. He was the one strand that held the family together somehow, but he was also the real victim.

8:00 PM Oct 12th 2010

Yeah, I finally watched Udaan. Yeah, I loved it. Yeah, it’s the best new film I’ve watched all year.

6:15 PM Oct 9th 2010

@xAbhishek Holy crap. Hope that’s temporary.

8:17 PM Oct 8th 2010

The only thing that excites me about cricket anymore is Sachin. The man’s 37 and still on top of his game:

11:20 AM Oct 7th 2010

I’m late to this, but how good are these Engagement Photos by Max Wanger with his mastery of soft tones and whitespace:

11:07 AM Oct 5th 2010

For those who appreciate Indian Classical: an encore of the Opening Ceremony’s collective display of dance forms

11:27 PM Oct 4th 2010

Finally watched the Opening Ceremony. Liked that it wasn’t about Bollywood. Loved that they showcased India’s great classical dance forms.

10:53 PM Oct 4th 2010

@xAbhishek Cool. Is it easy to get tickets?

5:55 PM Oct 4th 2010

Not in the name of Gandhiji, please. Not on his birthday. Not for a man whose only religion was Truth and Non-Violence:

8:58 AM Oct 3rd 2010

@rekharach Oh no. You should demand an assistant or two for those special cases.

11:30 AM Oct 1st 2010

@grahamrb Sounds perfect. AirPlay is the killer.

10:46 AM Sep 30th 2010

@grahamrb Incredible. I’d happily leave it on all day with that kind of consumption.

9:58 AM Sep 30th 2010

@grahamrb Not fair. I’m still stuck on #OldTwitter.

9:22 PM Sep 28th 2010

@grahamrb That’s sad. Shows how important a business model is.

9:53 AM Sep 28th 2010

@grahamrb Coffee would be apt! I think their name comes from their first blog (Uncrate) which has a Zombie-like crowd following.

9:41 PM Sep 27th 2010

I’m adding Zombie Corp to my list of wildly awesome company names:

6:21 PM Sep 27th 2010

@grahamrb Git? (I’m yet to try Git. So far it’s been Mercurial.)

3:16 PM Sep 27th 2010

@grahamrb Nope. They all have their pain-points and learning curves, but at least we’re getting out of the “CVS is the only option” days.

2:56 PM Sep 27th 2010

Walls are meant for drawing:

11:13 AM Sep 26th 2010

@rungta Haha. Also, whichever lane you change to becomes the slower one.

4:10 PM Sep 24th 2010

This is bold:’s entire background is an ad, but the whitespace makes it work.

2:26 PM Sep 24th 2010

My derogatory tweet about Samsung (and HTC) earned me followership from @SamsungMobileUS (a verified account). OK.

1:57 PM Sep 24th 2010

@rekharach Turn that off, please.

8:12 PM Sep 23rd 2010

This free Apple bumper feels surprisingly alright. Keeping it for now, but I suspect I’ll go back to caseless once this rubbery thing sags.

10:03 AM Sep 21st 2010

In honour of Vignelli Week at @DesignObserver, I’m proud to announce @Vignelli: a Twitter discourse of design wisdom from the Vignelli duo.

11:24 PM Sep 19th 2010

“Jhootha Hi Sahi” is Rahman returning to simple, soothing melodies. Vintage, jazz-like, soft sounds, reminiscent of Rahman’s early 90s work.

6:29 PM Sep 19th 2010

Sumsung and HTC marketers, take note: you can’t build brand loyalty by introducing new names every quarter. Tweak the design, not the brand.

5:28 PM Sep 19th 2010

@xAbhishek The real problem, I think, is the Android market’s inability to build brand loyalty around one name, whatever that name might be.

5:16 PM Sep 19th 2010

How ridiculous are these new Android phone names: “Samsung Fascinate”, “Galaxy”, “Desire”…

4:37 PM Sep 19th 2010

@grahamrb White iPhone4? I almost forgot about that one. Quite a debacle there.

12:49 PM Sep 19th 2010

Hello Hello? Who else is hooked to the JHS soundtrack?

12:12 PM Sep 19th 2010

@oddysee Tried Ping. It has potential but its UI drives me nuts. And I keep forgetting about Game Center… must try it one day.

12:08 PM Sep 18th 2010

@adriancb Nice. Anyone from our Uni behind that site?

12:29 PM Sep 16th 2010

@rashmiswamy All the best, then. I’ll see you at BEL Rd next time :)

11:04 AM Sep 16th 2010

@rashmiswamy Packing up for good?

9:19 AM Sep 16th 2010

@oddysee Haha. Close your eyes. Take a nap.

6:11 PM Sep 15th 2010

Clearly, I’m looking for a new wristwatch:

2:45 PM Sep 15th 2010

@sumitsharan Haha, that’s a cheeky name for their kind of audience.

11:53 AM Sep 15th 2010

@rungta Yay, now we can talk about all the great little moments in that film.

11:46 AM Sep 15th 2010

@oddysee Haha, yes I remember trying their HotDog editor in the early dotcom years. And your name suggestion sure is to the point.

7:00 PM Sep 10th 2010

Best startup names I’ve heard all year: “Mysterious Trousers” and “Destroy Today”. Almost beats last year’s best: “Sandwich Dynamics”.

5:14 PM Sep 10th 2010

@rungta Haha, I can attest to that. It’ll take you a while to get all the pulp off all the clothes.

8:26 AM Sep 9th 2010

Why would Twitter dedicate a third of the iPad screen for a static menu? What’s with the confusing selection modes? MDI overkill.

12:29 PM Sep 7th 2010

Twitter for iPad has been my worst experience on iPad. Atrocious.

12:09 PM Sep 7th 2010

“Our lives are just a bunch of moments”:[+]

9:54 PM Sep 6th 2010

Winter, you’re officially over. Why linger?

3:15 PM Sep 2nd 2010

@manojn I think they’re costing their server-side stuff into the app. If it didn’t have sync and a web interface, then yes it’s too much.

6:43 PM Sep 1st 2010

Here’s the actual link from my last tweet for those complaining about 404’s:

5:02 PM Sep 1st 2010

A week’s backlog of feeds was worth reading through after this classic find: Steve Jobs presenting “Think Different”

4:34 PM Sep 1st 2010

@rekharach Yep, the perfect trip. Only wish you guys were here as well.

11:57 AM Aug 25th 2010

Finally visited Belur & Halebidu after years of wanting to see Hoysala Architecture. It’s more beautiful than I could have ever imagined.

5:35 AM Aug 25th 2010

@rashmiswamy My house is by BEL Rd as well. Small world. I love this place.

5:06 AM Aug 25th 2010

@rashmiswamy We mostly went back to the same areas we frequented as kids (BEL Area, Sankey Tank), and also to some grownup areas like MG Rd.

4:15 AM Aug 25th 2010

Spent the day roaming around Bangalore like old times with my best friend from childhood. Much has changed but friendship & memories remain.

2:13 AM Aug 24th 2010

@oddysee It was great meeting Uncle. Didn’t know he was an Apple fan as well. We talked about iPhone 4 and iPad for a good while.

10:41 PM Aug 23rd 2010

I had forgotten how pleasant Bangalore’s climate is.

12:12 PM Aug 23rd 2010

@grahamrb Haha, yes and free WiFi FTW.

11:31 AM Aug 21st 2010

Six more hours of transit in KL. Too long a wait to sit around, too short a time to look around. What to do?

10:41 AM Aug 21st 2010

@rungta I can almost picture it from your description. Where are you off to?

5:10 PM Aug 19th 2010

@oddysee It uses the system calendar underneath, so it syncs with whatever iCal can sync with.

4:53 PM Aug 17th 2010

Trying out @calvetica. So far, so good.

1:45 PM Aug 17th 2010

@xAbhishek @rashmiswamy I doubt Apple would deliberately keep people waiting when Android is gaining market share.

7:06 PM Aug 15th 2010

@xAbhishek Windows 7? Disabled? Good.

6:55 PM Aug 15th 2010

@xAbhishek Haha, did you sleep well on it?

3:57 PM Aug 14th 2010

Two weeks on, there’s still a queue for iPhone 4 at Chadstone.

3:09 PM Aug 14th 2010

@rekharach Haha, what happened? What was the trick?

5:48 PM Aug 12th 2010

@rashmiswamy Worth watching. It’s not perfect but I can see why it inspired many to become filmmakers(Ray, Ratnam, Kashyap…)

8:38 AM Aug 12th 2010

@xAbhishek Yep, Reeder shines on the iPad. It could do with more intuitive icons, but otherwise it is brilliant.

7:50 AM Aug 12th 2010

Have any of you seen a better climax to a film than that of Bicycle Thieves? I haven’t, and I don’t think I ever will.

12:03 AM Aug 12th 2010

@paulidownunder Great series. I’m getting through season 3 now and it keeps getting better.

10:33 PM Aug 10th 2010

@rekharach I only taught you what I was taught :) Two spaces was the convention before the digital era, but not anymore en.wikipedia…_a_full_stop[+]

5:48 PM Aug 10th 2010

Embarrassed to admit I still put two spaces after my fullstops occasionally. Old typewriter habits die hard. (I learnt to type on those.)

4:04 PM Aug 10th 2010

If you’re going to make a Bollywood song, you may as well go all out like the outrageously giddy “Gal Mitthi Mitthi”:…=FUvXHTmTYxY[+]

11:08 PM Aug 9th 2010

@grahamrb Perhaps you can still eBay your 16GB and make a profit like last time :P

8:44 PM Aug 8th 2010

@ohnoir Sounds like an interesting film to watch (and listen to). On my list.

1:50 AM Aug 5th 2010

Aparajito may just be my favourite film sequel ever.

1:43 AM Aug 5th 2010

@adriancb Haha, good point. I hadn’t noticed till you mentioned it. I’m nodding away now.

6:52 PM Aug 4th 2010

People at work are ordering iPhone 4 in droves and accusing me of “incepting” them. Thanks guys, I’m flattered.

11:51 AM Aug 4th 2010

First time for everything: Mum approves of us kids buying the latest gadget (iPhone 4), thanks to FaceTime. Live cooking tips ahead.

3:06 PM Aug 2nd 2010

Marion Cotillard (of “Inception”) and her documentary film:

1:24 PM Jul 31st 2010

@rekharach LOL, so you heard back from them.

6:29 PM Jul 28th 2010

“Please keep the door closed! Please don’t use Comic Sans.”

11:05 AM Jul 26th 2010

@oddysee Ok, you guys have to make this next time you come over.

2:11 PM Jul 25th 2010

@rekharach How nice. Did you take a photo?

5:49 PM Jul 24th 2010

“I’m not arrogant. I’m just better than you”:

11:20 AM Jul 23rd 2010

I want more days like this where I’m particularly happy for no particular reason.

8:34 PM Jul 21st 2010

@grahamrb That’s a massive data centre. What else could it be for?

3:43 PM Jul 21st 2010

Inception this Friday. Can’t wait.

10:38 AM Jul 21st 2010

@grahamrb Greenshot looks handy indeed for the ThinkPad. Worth remembering.

3:18 PM Jul 13th 2010

@oddysee Looks crap, yes. I’ll stick to their prepaid plan, which is great: (Graham’s website)

4:08 PM Jul 2nd 2010

@grahamrb Yay. It look gorgeous.

8:06 AM Jul 1st 2010

@grahamrb Sweet Lord, that’s a thing of beauty.

10:12 AM Jun 29th 2010

These Miami Uni. girls performed a cappella version of Dil Se Re:

Love it.

6:33 PM Jun 27th 2010

This is how my desktop looks, thanks to my friend @rungta’s

10:11 PM Jun 25th 2010

@rashmiswamy Congrats! Going by the long queues and delays, it’ll be some time before Aus. gets iPhone 4.

10:01 PM Jun 25th 2010

@AndazApnaApna94 @rungta
GoGo: “Pehle maal le, phir maal de”

9:03 PM Jun 25th 2010

@rungta All that laughter made me miss my station on the train back home. Didn’t bother me a bit because I kept laughing on the train back.

8:59 PM Jun 25th 2010

@AndazApnaApna94 Soja beta soja, nahin to Gogo ajayega.

6:42 PM Jun 25th 2010

@ohnoir Uncontrollably laughing as I read through @AndazApnaApna94

6:22 PM Jun 25th 2010

@rashmiswamy Gorgeous redesign, right? Expected nothing less from Flickr.

10:06 AM Jun 24th 2010

Bittersweet victory for the Socceroos. Proud of them. #worldcup

6:30 AM Jun 24th 2010

So glad I woke up at 4am for the Socceroos game. C’mon Australia! #worldcup

6:01 AM Jun 24th 2010

@rashmiswamy Ha ha. I’m sure some of his longtime fans wrote the bad reviews, but only because they face the most getting used to.

9:33 AM Jun 22nd 2010

Never again will I watch a film at Hoyts Chadstone. Only after seeing Raavan a second time elsewhere did I realise how poor their sound is.

11:34 PM Jun 20th 2010

Raavan is Mani Ratnam’s first film that took a second viewing for me to fully understand & appreciate. Now I want to watch it a third time.

11:09 PM Jun 20th 2010

@scottreismanis Nice work on IndieDB. Will Indies be allowed to sell their work directly from the site in future?

11:12 AM Jun 19th 2010

@oddysee @rekharach Sounds like a nice way to rest before your flight back. Can’t wait to hear all the stories.

4:22 PM Jun 18th 2010

Thrilled by this morning’s surge of new followers for, our new blog about the web’s finest copywriting.

10:26 AM Jun 18th 2010

I like the constraints of a soft keyboard because it makes my writing brief.

8:02 AM Jun 18th 2010

@rekharach I wouldn’t be surprised if sleeping in was the highlight of your trip.

8:10 AM Jun 17th 2010

@rekharach @oddysee Glad you guys had clear weather for Milford Sound. Take lots of photos.

5:22 PM Jun 16th 2010

@oddysee That looks warm. How was the skiing?

11:29 AM Jun 15th 2010

Overwhelmed with 90s R&B nostalgia. Remember “I Will Get There”?

10:52 PM Jun 14th 2010

@oddysee @rekharach Oh well, enjoy the winter sights at least. You can save activities for a summer trip.

11:32 AM Jun 14th 2010

@oddysee So sad. Extreme weather? If you do go on your way back, be careful, please.

11:43 AM Jun 13th 2010

A good filmmaker is a good thinker. This new interview of Mani Ratnam should prove it: bangaloremir…ners….html[+]

11:27 AM Jun 13th 2010

@oddysee Good luck. Worst case, you could try on your drive back, perhaps?

8:19 PM Jun 12th 2010

@oddysee Oh no. Is it on tomorrow?

6:43 PM Jun 12th 2010

My parents wanted nothing more than every kind of Puri for their Anniversary: Pani Puri, Sev Puri, Bhel Puri, Dahi Puri…We’re all so full!

6:42 PM Jun 12th 2010

@oddysee That’s a nice way to start your holiday. Also, Mum & Dad got your wishes and they say “thanks!”

12:34 PM Jun 12th 2010

@xAbhishek They probably bought Palm for its patents.

9:12 AM Jun 10th 2010

I’m no New Yorker, but I can relate to @bobulate’s “The city that is a goal”:

2:59 PM Jun 8th 2010

Here we go again with these Yes/No phone feature comparisons. Where’s the tick-box for simplicity?

1:09 PM Jun 8th 2010

@PGHarrison In Kashmir, near the disputed border of India and Pakistan.

6:56 PM Jun 7th 2010

Qazinag National Park should be a model for resolving other disputed areas: turn them into wildlife sanctuaries and let nature claim it.

5:20 PM Jun 7th 2010

Too cold to be cycling, so I spent the Sunday morning playing my Tabla:

11:11 AM Jun 6th 2010

@rungta Yes, and I suspect there’s more to it: Sa, Si, Ra for melodic instruments and Ta, Dha, Na for percussive ones? chandrakanth…ruments.html[+]

8:37 PM Jun 5th 2010

Surely it’s not coincidental that all of my favourite Indian stringed instruments start with “S”: Sarod, Santoor, Sarangi and Sitar.

7:11 PM Jun 5th 2010

@grahamrb WWDC deadlines are a priority perhaps.

10:10 PM Jun 2nd 2010

Public donations (mine included) fund the first billboard for @replacehzlwood campaign:[+]

4:58 PM Jun 1st 2010

@xAbhishek Definitely. iPad when I’m sitting down, iPhone when I’m moving around (walking, driving, standing in crowded trains, etc.)

4:56 PM May 30th 2010

@PGHarrison Ever since they’ve been designing the best products :P

12:45 PM May 30th 2010

In other words, MacBook is best for creating content, iPad is best for consuming, and iPhone is best for checking things on the go.

12:32 PM May 30th 2010

@PGHarrison iPhone for checking things on the go.

12:21 PM May 30th 2010

MacBook for design & development, iPad for reading & entertainment.

11:56 AM May 30th 2010

On the couch with an iPad, reading my mail, checking my feeds, browsing the web, and writing this tweet.

10:44 AM May 29th 2010

@rekharach Excuses, excuses. You sleep that much in summer too.

10:35 AM May 29th 2010

@oddysee Thanks. No way, I was up till late and I woke up early.

10:33 AM May 29th 2010

@rungta @rashmiswamy @xAbhishek Thanks guys, and apologies in advance for my flood of iPad related tweets over the next week.

9:44 PM May 28th 2010

Want to use my shiny new iPad but scared of pulling it out on the night train.

7:43 PM May 28th 2010

@PGHarrison The UI is optimised for the larger form factor and the reading experience is fantastic. I can type surprisingly well on it too.

7:28 PM May 28th 2010

@rekharach Yeah, I can’t believe it myself.

6:28 PM May 28th 2010

I’m oblivious to all this morning traffic, thanks to Fanshawe (by El Ten Eleven) playing in my car.

9:18 AM May 28th 2010

@marcoarment Thanks for explaining. You could target WebKit’s increasing presence & leave Flash for the rest, but I realise the constraints.

1:19 AM May 28th 2010

@marcoarment Please tell me Tumblr are working on HTML5 support. It hurts when audio/video uploads render as Flash objects.

10:45 PM May 27th 2010

@rekharach I’ll just have to believe you :) Well done (seriously).

11:09 PM May 26th 2010

@rungta Haha, I’m curious now of the data that triggered your tweet.

9:13 PM May 26th 2010

@rekharach that doesn’t sound hard.

6:25 PM May 26th 2010

Beautiful day to be cycling:

1:04 PM May 22nd 2010

@oddysee Also, what’s that wall art? Looks intriguing, whatever it is.

10:35 AM May 22nd 2010

@oddysee Woah, that’s quite a sight. Love that high ceiling and natural light.

10:24 AM May 22nd 2010

@oddysee Photos, please. I haven’t ventured in those buildings before.

10:10 AM May 22nd 2010

Glad someone’s keeping a photo archive of Old Hyderabad:

5:08 PM May 19th 2010

Respectable new record from Francis and the Lights: I’m hooked to ‘In a limo’ and ‘Tap the phone.’

10:59 PM May 18th 2010

@oddysee What a character. Hope his acting was worth it.

9:55 PM May 18th 2010

So proud of Greenpeace: our campaign against Nestle’s ties with rainforest destruction worked! Kudos to Nestlé. greenpeace.o…estle-170510[+]

4:27 PM May 17th 2010

@coolkidsdoit Final points: all major browsers support HTML5 actually, and nobody’s forced to use an iPhone anyway: there is a choice.

1:04 PM May 17th 2010

@coolkidsdoit Majority doesn’t make it right. Change is hard but someone had to take a stance for web standards & browsers without plugins.

12:41 PM May 17th 2010

@coolkidsdoit Web content can’t continue being trapped in containers/plugins. Websites should switch to HTML5 & fallback to Flash for IE.

12:34 PM May 17th 2010

@coolkidsdoit Flash had its time. HTML5 is the future, it’s truly open (ratified by W3C) and technologically superior. Why not HTML5?

12:06 PM May 17th 2010

@rungta I like the new line.

9:35 AM May 15th 2010

@grahamrb I’m starting to like the new look over the 3GS. It looks simpler and timeless.

8:26 AM May 14th 2010

“If I could never remove features, I’d never add any”:

8:21 AM May 14th 2010

Some of my favourite writing on the web, summarised on @fchimero’s Text Playlist:

9:19 PM May 13th 2010

@grahamrb I’m warming up to the new look, but I’m hating all these leaks.

6:20 PM May 12th 2010

Looking forward to Mehra’s next film, Bhaag Milkha Bhaag. “Zindagi se bhago nahin, zindagi ke saath bhago” bollywoodhun…4/index.html[+]

3:58 PM May 12th 2010

@coolkidsdoit Nice video, Nick. Congrats!

8:28 PM May 11th 2010

Flickr friends, I’ll have to re-add you to my new account. Sorry about the move — your comments will be lost, but not my memory of them.

11:47 AM May 10th 2010

It used to be that I kept different photos in different places. Not any more:

11:30 AM May 10th 2010

Good to see Webber smiling again.

11:53 PM May 9th 2010

God I’m loving this Button-Schumacher duel in Spain. Much like the days before Ferrari’s dominance.

10:42 PM May 9th 2010

Mothers Day dinner at Gujjus. Delicious Pani Puri and Bhel Puri for the first time in 10+ years. So good.

9:23 PM May 9th 2010

@grahamrb Oh yeah. It’s about time.

10:29 AM May 8th 2010

@rungta Yeah, it was charming and sophisticated at the same time. Nonlinear screenplay put to great use.

1:51 PM May 7th 2010

Watched ‘500 Days of Summer’ for the first time, in Autumn. That’s some coincidence.

11:27 PM May 6th 2010

@rungta Congrats on the public launch. It has the potential to be Twitter’s version of

2:03 PM May 5th 2010

RT Facebook is for people you went to school with. Twitter is for people you wished you went to school with. (via @valdiskrebs)

1:32 PM May 5th 2010

@rungta /page/2 looks right to me, perhaps because it’s a familiar convention. I’d default to 1 If the number is left-out.

10:51 PM Apr 26th 2010

Hindi folk, watch this: Gulzar and Rahman perform an as-yet unreleased Raavan track LIVE

11:56 AM Apr 25th 2010

@grahamrb Nice. I’ll pick one up tomorrow.

4:07 PM Apr 24th 2010

@grahamrb Perfect timing. I’m running low.

11:56 AM Apr 24th 2010

I love music when it’s multilayered.

10:15 AM Apr 24th 2010

After waiting three years for the next AR+Mani release, you’d think another hour won’t hurt. But it does.

8:56 AM Apr 24th 2010

@oddysee Good memories. Rekha actually introduced me to Alaipayuthey. We listened to the tape non-stop on the train to Delhi & back.

10:21 PM Apr 19th 2010

Re-watched scenes from #Alaipayuthey over dinner. Ten years on, I still remember this film is why I’ve got a thing for cinematography.

8:49 PM Apr 19th 2010

@rekharach I will for the second trailer. The first one is short, so I managed to download it after a long wait.

11:09 AM Apr 18th 2010

My favourite director, composer, cinematographer, writer and actor, in one film and its poster:

9:19 AM Apr 18th 2010

@grahamrb Yeah, cant take this any more. Netspace perhaps.

9:14 AM Apr 18th 2010

Official site and posters for Raavan are out, but my bandwidth is capped. Torture.

8:46 AM Apr 18th 2010

@rungta Haha. In my case, the anticipation is killing me. It’s been a long wait.

6:34 PM Apr 17th 2010

@oddysee Or Magenta. Old habit calling it purple.

5:36 PM Apr 16th 2010

@oddysee Same here. Special feeling when purple flashes.

5:34 PM Apr 16th 2010

@jaigs Responsiveness has been the consistent reaction. This comes from prioritising user experience over features checklists.

12:53 PM Apr 9th 2010

Few things irritate me more than devious journalism. The Age headlined iAd as: “iPhones and iPads to be plastered with ads.” How so?

11:20 AM Apr 9th 2010

@rungta Great find. How good was the artwork from that era.

9:40 PM Apr 8th 2010

@PGHarrison Long way indeed, but it’s the only way forward. Apple has taken the first step:

9:04 PM Apr 4th 2010

@PGHarrison When materials and their manufacturing process become fully clean & recyclable, we’ll have environmentally friendly materialism.

7:59 PM Apr 4th 2010

Gorgeous print design for World Dialogue, by Paul Fox:

2:57 PM Apr 1st 2010

Nothing connects like a hand-written letter: washingtonpo…010033004292[+]

1:27 AM Apr 1st 2010

Finally got around to writing my little report on Schumacher’s performance in Melbourne:

12:58 AM Apr 1st 2010

So, I wasn’t imagining that minor earthquake:…31-rbwn.html[+]

8:28 AM Mar 31st 2010

@rekharach I wish it was just that, but we were all sitting down. Weird.

9:41 PM Mar 30th 2010

The building just moved, and I wasn’t the only one to feel it. Minor earthquake, perhaps.

6:23 PM Mar 30th 2010

@rungta Good move indeed. Let them calm down and get some perspective — it’s Hyderabad, people.

4:28 PM Mar 30th 2010

@grahamrb First to break the news for me. Updating now…

6:39 AM Mar 30th 2010

What a race.

5:45 PM Mar 28th 2010

@PGHarrison Congrats! I bought the TDI hatchback last year and love it.

11:13 AM Mar 27th 2010

Glimpses of the Rain Master from my office window. Can’t wait to see Schumacher up-close on Sunday.

5:09 PM Mar 26th 2010

The old man’s on a flying lap!

5:00 PM Mar 26th 2010

@oddysee Good for the price: waterproof, leather upper, breathable. Main thing it lacks is ankle support (not a must for casual hikes)

9:37 AM Mar 26th 2010

“The final look of anything is the by-product of the clarity (or lack of it) during its design phase.” — Massimo Vignelli

10:16 AM Mar 25th 2010

@jaigs It’s not perfect, but it’s a huge improvement over the status quo. Millions more will finally have healthcare — can’t deny that.

8:14 AM Mar 25th 2010

@oddysee Haha. Tough call, but I tend to agree. I liked the graphical representation more than anything.

5:11 PM Mar 23rd 2010

So happy for Obama right now. Energy policy’s next!

6:03 PM Mar 22nd 2010

@oddysee I thought the obsession was over, until I watched the movie. Perhaps now I should watch ‘Karthik Calling Karthik’ as a remedy.

7:57 AM Mar 22nd 2010

@rungta Gorgeous that. Even funnier reading it a second time.

7:32 PM Mar 21st 2010

@rekharach It was surprisingly good. Loved the cinematography particularly, and the background score of course.

6:48 PM Mar 21st 2010

I’m possessed by Aaromale. Watched the movie, heard the soundtrack (again) and keep coming back to that one Malayali track: Aaromale.

2:54 PM Mar 21st 2010

Now this is more like the fired-up Obama I remember from the campaign. Aggressively fighting for the right: whitehouse.g…-whats-right[+]

2:25 PM Mar 20th 2010

Dear Nestlé, I love your KitKats, but I’m holding out until you stop clearing the last Indonesian rainforests:[+]

2:05 PM Mar 19th 2010

@scottreismanis Good to hear mate. Yeah, still kicking on, though we changed directions. Beta launch shortly.

6:12 PM Mar 17th 2010

@scottreismanis Yay. Hope the pitch went well.

9:16 AM Mar 17th 2010

Reflecting on Gandhiji’s enduring words, spoken 80 years ago today, on the eve of his 390 km Salt March to Dandi: gandhi-manib…/speech4.htm[+]

6:52 PM Mar 11th 2010

I don’t use spreadsheets enough to rethink its design, but I’m sure someone does and can.

9:30 AM Mar 11th 2010

Getting used to Tweetie’s condensed UI. I miss Birdfeed, but refuse to use the acquired, renamed and defaced version that is Brizzly.

8:15 AM Mar 11th 2010

@rekharach He could be a radiologist, you know.

8:51 AM Mar 10th 2010

Storm’s subsiding. Eye witness photos are coming in:…06-pph5.html[+]

3:13 PM Mar 6th 2010

Crazy hail storm in Melbourne. Glad I cancelled this weekend’s hike.[+]

2:40 PM Mar 6th 2010

@rungta Every contribution deserves credit. Well done!

10:50 AM Mar 6th 2010

Hans Zimmer’s studio is freakishly good: stuckincusto…s-the-world/[+]

10:26 AM Mar 6th 2010

I’m generally forgetful, except I can remember every little detail of things I care about.

8:16 AM Mar 5th 2010

@oddysee Next time I switch on the TV, it’ll be to watch Crash :p

8:14 AM Mar 5th 2010

Prompted by @grahamrb, I’ve been re-watching the Intel Rockstar ad, and cracking up all over again:[+]

10:54 AM Mar 4th 2010

Why did I wait this long to watch ‘Up’? I’m overcoming my guilt by watching it several times over.

10:36 PM Mar 3rd 2010

@paulidownunder what happened this morning?

1:11 PM Mar 3rd 2010

@PGHarrison I’ve been well, thanks. We should get the old CToF crew together sometime.

9:25 PM Mar 1st 2010

@PGHarrison That’s so nice. Congrats Pete!

4:59 PM Feb 28th 2010

Say what you will about Microsoft, but you have to admire Bill Gates’ renewed focus on Zero Carbon Technology:…l_gates.html[+] #TED2010

11:21 AM Feb 28th 2010

@rekharach wow, you’re actually tweeting!

8:03 PM Feb 25th 2010

@oddysee Haha, yes, it would’ve been distrubing at work. Big day out explains it all.

3:09 PM Feb 25th 2010

@oddysee Is this at your workplace?

10:32 AM Feb 25th 2010

The only thing that excites me about cricket is a Tendulkar hundred. I’m doubly excited.

8:40 AM Feb 25th 2010

Winter Olympics is a joy to watch. Wish I were in Vancouver right now.

7:13 PM Feb 20th 2010

Torah Bright is adorable. Her smiling after a horror first run, and her ‘so what?’ attitude in the second run to win gold — very inspiring.

6:54 AM Feb 20th 2010

@oddysee Pushpak was my favourite comedy as a kid. I’ll never forget its poignant ending.

7:29 PM Feb 19th 2010

@rashmiswamy Love that movie too.

7:35 AM Feb 19th 2010

@oddysee Insightful article. I couldn’t find that exact line you quoted though. Is it in the published paper?

1:07 PM Feb 18th 2010

@oddysee Hardware this, Android that. Where’s the emphasis on simpler software & even better user experience than iPad? Good luck to them.

4:07 PM Feb 15th 2010

@paulidownunder Interesting. Hadn’t heard of Open Movie. Thanks for the link.

11:14 AM Feb 14th 2010

@amolpradhan Worst order of all time! I was robbed of that 8 bucks.

7:51 PM Feb 12th 2010

@amolpradhan Taking it from the Ticket Inspector:

7:04 PM Feb 12th 2010

The guy next to me is wearing his shirt inside-out. Should I tell him?

12:37 PM Feb 10th 2010

“Climbing is meditation. I’ve long since realized this is why I’m drawn to this kind of activity.” — @craigmod…na_moonrise/[+].

4:40 PM Feb 8th 2010

‘Karthik Calling Karthik’ has been growing on me all weekend, both as a soundtrack and as a film to look forward to.

1:40 PM Feb 7th 2010

@amolpradhan Agreed, but iPad (like iPhone) will still be a hit among those who value simplicity over features. Less, but better.

9:26 PM Feb 3rd 2010

@amolpradhan USB, camera, etc, would be nice to fit in, but it’s a v1.0. Atleast they’ll be shipping, while other companies do nothing new.

6:45 PM Feb 3rd 2010

@jaigs Sad day indeed. Thankfully, Sun open-sourced a lot of its technology, so the open stuff will survive if not thrive.

6:07 AM Feb 2nd 2010

“He’s not just another composer from India. He is India’s composer.” – Gulzar on Rahman’s double Grammy win.

5:44 AM Feb 2nd 2010

@rungta With UK’s lead, I hope it will screen at IFF2010 in March, but the program list isn’t out yet. Lucky you, @rashmiswamy

12:46 PM Feb 1st 2010

The greatest ever keeps getting greater. Well done, Federer.

9:26 PM Jan 31st 2010

C’mon Andy!

8:36 PM Jan 31st 2010

I like Federer, but I’d like Murray to win.

7:28 PM Jan 31st 2010

@wilshipley A leaner approval process (unbiased, transparent & quick) is worth fighting for. Unsigned apps invite other problems for users.

7:06 PM Jan 31st 2010

Obama’s Q&A with the Republicans was a masterclass on debating: huffingtonpo…_442423.html[+]

3:02 PM Jan 30th 2010

Clear, decisive and reassuring. That’s how I’d sum up Obama’s 2010 State of the Union Address: whitehouse.g…middle-class[+]

11:42 PM Jan 28th 2010

Wouldn’t it be great if independent writers could publish direct to the iBooks store?

3:53 PM Jan 28th 2010

The difference that matters: iPad extends the mobile (iPhone) experience, while tablets (and netbooks) shrink the desktop experience.

9:07 AM Jan 28th 2010

@amolpradhan I can’t believe you’re wanting one.

8:30 AM Jan 28th 2010

‘iPad’ doesn’t sound right at first, but iPad and iPhone complement each other.

6:36 AM Jan 28th 2010

#iPad may not look revolutionary, but it is the first tablet device that doesn’t suck.

6:02 AM Jan 28th 2010

@oddysee Ha ha. He’s got a good view now I bet.

8:06 PM Jan 26th 2010

I’m all nostalgic after watching an episode of my childhood favourite, ‘The Jungle Book’, in Hindi. And now, I’m reading The Jungle Book.

9:11 PM Jan 25th 2010

Whatever we think Apple’s upcoming tablet will do, it will likely do less, and better.

9:04 AM Jan 25th 2010

A year on, and despite all the setbacks, I still believe in Obama as America’s best hope for change.

10:06 AM Jan 21st 2010

“Scientists say we must. Technology says we can. Politicians say we won’t.” @kuminaidoo on the status quo of climate action.

8:14 PM Jan 20th 2010

Australian Government urges its citizens to ditch Internet Explorer:

11:18 AM Jan 19th 2010

I’ll never forget experiencing this live at Sydney Festival:

11:07 PM Jan 18th 2010

Rahman’s rocking it!

8:07 PM Jan 16th 2010

A chilled out, picnic atmosphere, while we wait for A. R. Rahman Live at Sydney Festival. We’re right up front:

4:19 PM Jan 16th 2010

@oddysee I’ll add that racism & crime in general needn’t be rampant in order to be addressed seriously. My point is about reporting facts.

4:38 PM Jan 9th 2010

@oddysee Agreed, but officials on both sides are at extremities. Racism exists, but it’s not rampant - report & address it as such.

4:29 PM Jan 9th 2010

On recent student attacks in Melbourne: call to increase security but don’t call out a nation entire. Generalising is not good journalism.

12:38 PM Jan 9th 2010

@PGHarrison I’m dreading Monday already: 41 degrees!

10:35 AM Jan 9th 2010

@oddysee I didn’t miss much then.

6:55 AM Jan 9th 2010

Adoring the wall art as I climb the many stairs to Campari, a rooftoop bar on hardware lane:

9:36 PM Jan 8th 2010

Apple naysayers: at least credit them for leading in environmentally friendly design - loopinsight….h-companies/[+] and[+]

1:46 PM Jan 8th 2010

@rashmiswamy Glad you liked it too.

10:45 AM Jan 5th 2010

@oddysee If I couldn’t relate to the story, I would’ve said the same thing. Action scenes and special effects are a turn-off for some.

9:54 PM Jan 3rd 2010

I would’ve liked Avatar regardless of all that CG and 3D. The story, to me, was the film’s best special effect.

8:36 PM Jan 3rd 2010

My first album purchase of the year: Breathing Under Water. Loving the Indo-Western fusion by Anoushka Shankar and Karsh Kale.

12:35 PM Jan 2nd 2010