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From the month of September, 2011.

@juleshughan @emlaurajackson Might be my fault, sorry! But we did have a few too many.

11:21 PM Sep 28th 2011 in reply to juleshughan

@miranjdesign Have you guys come across any good algorithms (or node/js tools) for twitter friendly unique ID generation? GUIDS are too long

9:12 AM Sep 26th 2011

@andrewlitvak Umm, who confronted who, and accused of what? Anything to stop you trolling (but clearly it didn’t work ;)

8:43 AM Sep 16th 2011 in reply to andrewlitvak

@andrewlitvak Check out my tablet concept yo. It won’t ship for a year, won’t know how it actually performs, but it sure beats iOS! #win8

8:17 PM Sep 15th 2011 in reply to andrewlitvak

My post-holiday brain keeps calculating spend in foreign currency: 90 baht for a cup of coffee?!

8:07 PM Sep 15th 2011

@amandamli It was a week full of adventure with so many stories. Will fill you in later. Hope to catch you in Sydney next week!

11:14 PM Sep 14th 2011 in reply to amandamli

@rungta Awesome! Good week for music.

10:38 PM Sep 14th 2011 in reply to rungta

@ohnoir Are you as excited about Rockstar as me? I just melted listening to the first minute (and I can’t stop):…=HXudoiSov6g[+]

9:46 PM Sep 14th 2011

@emlaurajackson Missed you too! (But not the work.) Thanks for my time off :)

6:17 PM Sep 14th 2011 in reply to emlaurajackson

@twitDaveO Found the best place for local Pad Thai at Karon Beach. I could never get sick of it!

5:46 PM Sep 14th 2011 in reply to twitDaveO

@zaana Thanks, yep I’m so relaxed right now. Bummed I missed your last day but you’re always welcome back :)

5:43 PM Sep 14th 2011 in reply to zaana

Back to reality after an incredible time in Thailand exploring islands, beaches, coral reefs, jungles, caves and fresh local cuisine.

4:50 PM Sep 14th 2011

Thrilled with @vignelli’s 1000 followers milestone. Curating is painstaking work, but it’s been an honour, and I’ve learnt so much.

12:58 AM Sep 7th 2011

Interesting header design (mouse over):[+]

7:39 PM Sep 5th 2011

This girl rocks Gorrilaz’ Feel Good:…=izrL7pBdkaw[+]

6:07 PM Sep 4th 2011

.@weeny’s guide to Hyderabad, a city I heart and can’t wait to revisit: thisissheena…rabad-guide/[+]

12:46 PM Sep 3rd 2011

@amandamli Definitely on my list now that you approve. Did you have to wait long at lunch?

2:20 PM Sep 2nd 2011 in reply to amandamli