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From the month of October, 2012.

@rashmiswamy Thanks, I can’t wait for it to start.

9:18 PM Oct 30th 2012 in reply to rashmiswamy

@deanfra Haven’t taken my SLR for trips in a while, but it’s a must for this one.

9:17 PM Oct 30th 2012 in reply to deanfra

Road trip through Rajasthan starts soon. Nine cities, 16 forts and palaces, all that food and culture… Boy I’m excited.

9:28 AM Oct 30th 2012

@rekharach Awesome. But he shouldn’t be chewing on the box :)

10:28 AM Oct 25th 2012 in reply to rekharach

How great is that new Smart Cover ad:…i-smartcover[+]

9:54 PM Oct 24th 2012

The humble pen and paper (or whiteboard) serve me far better in designing and conveying UI concepts – discussions focus more on the story.

1:28 PM Oct 23rd 2012

Wireframes in design are much like a film’s storyboard, but early versions are better judged as a film’s script: on the story, not visuals.

1:13 PM Oct 23rd 2012

@deanfra LOL, we had no announcements at Sandown for 50 minutes. Silence. People were clueless and losing it.

10:57 AM Oct 22nd 2012 in reply to deanfra

@deanfra The delays were insane. I just went back home.

10:53 AM Oct 22nd 2012 in reply to deanfra

@grahamrb Pixemator and Acorn do the job well.

7:30 AM Oct 20th 2012 in reply to grahamrb

Facebook’s newsfeed view is possibly the biggest design opportunity of 2013 — aggregating, inferring and visualising all that social data…

12:43 PM Oct 19th 2012

Now this is a better local election message — clear practical goals and shared in person at the local train station.

7:35 AM Oct 18th 2012

@owenhodda We asked users what they wanted in a website and they said “I want it to be like an iPhone app.”

2:10 PM Oct 16th 2012 in reply to owenhodda

@adriancb Oooh that’s a useful homepage for @foursquare. Good find.

9:18 AM Oct 16th 2012 in reply to adriancb

And why are election campaigns limited to election times? We never hear from candidates during the year and now we have to believe them?

7:58 AM Oct 16th 2012

@andrewlitvak sounds like they deserve your vote. Can’t say the same of candidates here.

7:50 AM Oct 16th 2012 in reply to andrewlitvak

@grahamrb haha that’s an improvement. But still, you only hear f these guys during election time and they all say the same thing…

7:46 AM Oct 16th 2012 in reply to grahamrb

Local election ads are all the same: Cheesy portrait and “Vote 1” in large, empty slogan about working for the community, and not much else.

7:37 AM Oct 16th 2012

@JZ Great work on Basecamp’s speed. But mobile use doesn’t have to imply “bandwidth starved” – I use it around the office all the time.

9:11 AM Oct 9th 2012

If you could judge phones by looks (and concepts) alone, Microsoft’s Surface Phone would be a winner. (WinPhone?)…indows-phone[+]

5:08 PM Oct 4th 2012

@deanfra Sweet, but is that feature enabled by default? Doesn’t work for me and I couldn’t find it in Settings either

4:21 PM Oct 4th 2012 in reply to deanfra

“Strategy by gut, tweaking by data.” — The story of redesigning…default.aspx[+]: rainypixels….crosoft-com/[+]

5:55 PM Oct 3rd 2012