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From the month of October, 2009.

@oddysee Sure, I’ll send those videos to you as soon as I can.

7:04 PM Oct 26th 2009

Playing the ‘MAD’ board game. Loads of fun.

5:58 PM Oct 25th 2009

Nothing can come between me and a beautiful day as this. I’ll be out, all day, until sunset.

10:49 AM Oct 24th 2009

@oddysee Will try to play over the Christmas break.

11:50 AM Oct 19th 2009

A pleasant Sunday made peaceful by Jami Sieber’s Hidden Sky. Worth every penny I paid for this album.

1:25 PM Oct 18th 2009

Let love be your light, on this festival of lights. Happy Deepavali!

10:44 AM Oct 17th 2009

Contrary to popular opinion, Tweetie 2 has not raised the bar, at least not visually. Birdfeed remains easier to use & easier on my eyes.

8:38 PM Oct 14th 2009