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From the month of February, 2012.

Geo-geeks, @hasgeek is organising a workshop on location services this Friday+Saturday in Bangalore. Last day to book:[+]

3:28 PM Feb 29th 2012

The aforementioned Futura-using @UseClear-style “flat UI” Scorekeeper app is free for a limited time!…/id463243024[+] /via @gonsalves_r

12:24 PM Feb 25th 2012

@_karan Thanks Karan! We’ll work harder on the enticement this year.

7:18 PM Feb 24th 2012 in reply to _karan

box-sizing:border-box is ready for prime time!…der-box-ftw/[+]

All those curses & containers… brings tears to our eyes. /via @rasagy

3:14 PM Feb 17th 2012

Here’s a site that made us smile today.[+]

“Prosecutors will be Violated.”

5:37 PM Feb 9th 2012