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From the month of December, 2011.

New on the blog: Typography for the Web.…pography-web[+]

1:23 PM Dec 29th 2011

@gonsalves_r @joshu @jasim_ab Someone called for sane and awesome web chops?

12:45 PM Dec 29th 2011 in reply to gonsalves_r

The holiday season is here and we’re breaking off for two weeks. Have a merry Christmas and and a happy New Year everyone!

10:58 PM Dec 23rd 2011

We recently dabbled in a bit of movie making for our @bellycentric food blog.

Take a look:[+]

4:52 PM Dec 22nd 2011

@nikhilv Hi Nikhil. We’re based in New Delhi.[+]

7:16 PM Dec 20th 2011 in reply to nikhilv

Our homage to Steve Jobs now features on @mediaqueries. Yay![+]

8:00 PM Dec 13th 2011

Appetizers, main courses and desserts for restauranteurs — Better Restaurant Websites. better-resta…[+]

/via @turmericdesign

10:52 PM Dec 11th 2011

@rashmiswamy Thanks! Nice to have the details appreciated. :)

2:03 AM Dec 10th 2011 in reply to rashmiswamy

@GnrlMxms Thanks for the feedback. This one’s at the top of our list.

12:40 AM Dec 10th 2011 in reply to GnrlMxms

The RESSET design is as much an ode to Skolar (via @typekit, of course) as it is to help the young minds of India.[+]

7:42 PM Dec 9th 2011

Our latest project for the wonderful folks at RESSET (Chandigarh) just went live.[+]

7:41 PM Dec 9th 2011

That privileged feeling of receiving a wax sealed letter in 2011.[+]

3:55 PM Dec 8th 2011

Design for Developers (and designers).


3:59 PM Dec 2nd 2011

It’s the 1st of December and we’re eagerly awaiting this year’s @24ways.[+]

1:03 AM Dec 1st 2011