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From the month of September, 2011.

The ‘Subject of a Selector’:…929/#subject[+]

p > $a > img { border: thick solid silver } put a border on the a tag!

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10:26 PM Sep 30th 2011

It’s been on many wishlists (qualified selectors shauninman.c…ed_selectors[+], jQuery’s :has api.jquery.c…as-selector/[+] ). Might finally arrive with CSS4.

10:26 PM Sep 30th 2011

Pitney Bowes Scrum India NCR meet – tomorrow (Oct 1st) at 2:30pm in Noida. @souvikdg will be around and this time he’ll have some slides.

10:03 PM Sep 30th 2011

Samosa and Kachori!? Kaam gaya bhaand mein. :)

6:29 PM Sep 30th 2011

E.J.Stocks’ redesign illustrates so well the power of constraints: 1 day, 1 fontsize, browser-only. Who’d have guessed? elliotjaysto…cks-dot-com/[+]

12:55 AM Sep 27th 2011

We applaud @Zomato for releasing a public API. Be sure to read their “intense internal debate” for & against this move:…y-learnings/[+]

8:21 PM Sep 26th 2011

@rakeshrach How about using good old auto_incrementing numbers and casting them to a base64 alphabet [A-Za-z0-9+_] ?

6:20 PM Sep 26th 2011 in reply to rakeshrach

Addendum: Speaker Deck by @orderedlistinc and brought to our attention by @gonsalves_r.

2:53 PM Sep 22nd 2011

A non-embarrassing way to share slides.[+] We can’t wait to use this.

Someone has a sore behind, don’t you think?

2:51 PM Sep 22nd 2011

High contrast can be just as bad as low contrast. Go easy on the light-on-dark design. Find the sweet spot.[+]

1:31 PM Sep 21st 2011

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s enchanting qawwalis in the air.

12:26 PM Sep 21st 2011

Everything you always wanted to know about touch icons. Tsk tsk. mathiasbynen…/touch-icons[+] /by @mathias

4:27 PM Sep 19th 2011

“I should’ve built in that integration with the international space station! That would’ve floored her!” @ytvinay in…ction-vs-exp[+]

11:50 PM Sep 18th 2011

@xAbhishek :) :) :)

Now hunting for tweets quoted in the slides to favourite

1:19 PM Sep 14th 2011 in reply to xAbhishek

Slides from Jeremy-@adactio-Keith’s recent talk at @bdconf, There is No Mobile Web:…obileweb.pdf[+] [PDF]

1:09 PM Sep 14th 2011

Dynadot, our preferred domain name registrar just underwent a re-design.[+]

5:00 PM Sep 9th 2011

A Dashboard widget for keeping track of your Google Analytics. Finally.[+] /via @nitinmgarg

2:46 AM Sep 4th 2011

The story behind ‘Our 4 Questions’:…-4-questions[+] [Blog Update]

6:19 PM Sep 1st 2011

The Patent Pledge: “No first use of software patents against companies with less than 25 people.” More like this please.[+]

1:59 PM Sep 1st 2011