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From the month of July, 2011.

This is Why Your Newspaper is Dying: bradcolbow.c…er_is_dying/[+] /via @cameronmoll

3:41 PM Jul 27th 2011

Ooo, a Government of India website that does not, umm, suck —[+] /via @gonsalves_r

4:00 PM Jul 13th 2011

“We finally feel that we have a UI which we think will last for more than 6 months this time.” —Zomato co-founder Pankaj Chaddah, today.

10:38 PM Jul 9th 2011

@jackerhack We’ve been banking with Kotak Mahindra. Only been a few months but no frustrating experiences so far.

5:27 PM Jul 8th 2011 in reply to jackerhack

A startup event centred around food! This one cannot be skipped. startupsatur….php?eid=140[+] #SSDel

12:40 AM Jul 6th 2011