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From the month of June, 2011.

@konarkmodi Got it at the #scrumindia meet at Xebia, Gurgaon. Try reaching out to the folks at @XebiaIndia. They can help you get you one.

11:39 PM Jun 29th 2011 in reply to konarkmodi

@konarkmodi Selected cards that we value the most from the deck of “Xebia Essentials” essentials.x…s/index.html[+]

11:14 PM Jun 29th 2011 in reply to konarkmodi

Thanks @XebiaIndia for making the walls of our office more colourful and wiser. Extended thx @vikramadhiman & @goodagile[+]

7:08 PM Jun 29th 2011

The @itfoundry re-designs India’s chaotic, bilingual film certificate in the debut of their new column on Typography: indiantypefo…/articles/1/[+]

5:33 PM Jun 28th 2011

R.D. Burman crooning the Miranj HQ stereo on the occasion of his birthday.

5:54 PM Jun 27th 2011

“That’s How Our Love Must Be, IE6”…-must-be-ie6[+] by @rainypixels

3:52 PM Jun 24th 2011

Today should be a day of learning and sharing. Will be there at #scrumindia meetup at Xebia, Gurgaon. Come say hi.

9:25 AM Jun 22nd 2011

@hasgeek Most definitely! We’re based quite close to Nehru Place, but anywhere in NCR should be fine.

5:42 PM Jun 17th 2011 in reply to hasgeek

@hasgeek Unfortunately not. Patiently waiting for you to start your Delhi operations though. :)

5:10 PM Jun 17th 2011 in reply to hasgeek

Scaling PHP in the Cloud: A proper techie event, with a great website to boot.[+] Another awesome @hasgeek thing.

5:06 PM Jun 17th 2011

Bootstrapped, Profitable and Proud. Them:…bootstrapped[+]


10:25 PM Jun 6th 2011