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From the month of October, 2011.

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5:11 PM Oct 29th 2011

This removal of

4:52 PM Oct 29th 2011

Winding up ‘early’ today.

Happy Diwali folks!

6:45 PM Oct 25th 2011

“What do you love about the web?”

Sharing. Community. Passion.[+]

2:06 PM Oct 25th 2011

@gonsalves_r Thanks, but we really can’t brush aside your contribution to either of the two. Or even PPT Salon’s, for that matter. :)

5:50 PM Oct 20th 2011 in reply to gonsalves_r

For more on information architecture for mobile experiences, here’s an extract from @lukew’s latest book: alistapart.c…zing-mobile/[+]

5:46 PM Oct 20th 2011

@mighty_boosher Thanks Ankit. That Droidcon artwork by PPT Salon is hard to not like. :)

5:40 PM Oct 20th 2011 in reply to mighty_boosher

Graceful acceptance of drawbacks, in spite of an interface that leads the pack.


We salute @Cleartrip’s humility.

5:27 PM Oct 20th 2011

The शिवलिंग from @rasagy’s sketch notes has got to be one of the finest Indian contributions to the HTML5 scene.…27930121190/[+]

8:47 PM Oct 19th 2011

@rasagy Artwork directed by @gonsalves_r and created by the fine folks at PPT Salon.[+] @droidconIN

2:15 PM Oct 19th 2011 in reply to rasagy

Oh and it’ll response your socks off! Big thanks to @hasgeek & @gonsalves_r for the opportunity & PPT Salon for the art.

What do you think?

1:52 PM Oct 19th 2011

Attn. Android geeks, your premier dev conf is coming home. Say hello to Droidcon India:[+]

We helped build the site. Yay!

1:52 PM Oct 19th 2011

An accessibility review of ~1500 Indian Govt. sites finds them severely lacking. Surprise surprise! cis-india.or…all-citizens[+] /by @VasuTweets

5:42 PM Oct 17th 2011

Creative Mornings Chicago with Jason Fried[+]

1:30 PM Oct 11th 2011 is HTTP 410 Gone!

Long live[+]

1:34 PM Oct 5th 2011

Also, Love Your Scrollbar

/by @coda_za

11:48 AM Oct 4th 2011

Pricing decisions are hard. While time & material is preferred, @souvikdg says fixed price ain’t undoable. His slides — speakerdeck….-fixed-price[+]

6:57 PM Oct 3rd 2011