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From the month of August, 2011.

Finding good web designers/developers can be tough.

Here’s a shortcut:[+]

8:29 PM Aug 31st 2011

Talk about visual hierarchy (in the footer)[+]

6:19 PM Aug 31st 2011

Unicode proofing your web stack: rentzsch.tum…ur-web-stack[+]

You do strive for UTF-8 compliance, right? joelonsoftwa…Unicode.html[+]

2:56 PM Aug 22nd 2011

The extensive Twitter (web) style guide. Also a good primer on designing interfaces in HTML & CSS. twitter.gith…m/bootstrap/[+] /via @Shalin10

1:01 AM Aug 20th 2011

Bring your work week to a close with the Slicehost Story: [Blog Update]

6:47 PM Aug 19th 2011

The Loading Spinner, now in JS + CSS. Sweet! fgnass.githu…com/spin.js/[+]

1:27 AM Aug 19th 2011

Some of the finer details of what accessibility means on the web: netmagazine….ccessibility[+]

10:06 PM Aug 17th 2011

Sites we like: Crane Brothers…ane-brothers[+] [Blog Update]

8:47 PM Aug 16th 2011

Death to the ‘noreply’ mailbox. josscrowcrof…ply-mailbox/[+]

3:03 PM Aug 12th 2011

Raining outside, hot coffee inside.

1:45 PM Aug 12th 2011

Oh, it’s here!!

HTML5 Boilerplate is 2.0! —[+]

Also, let’s wish @h5bp a Happy Birthday.

12:03 AM Aug 11th 2011

And hot on the heels of the last tweet, a crash course in the Evolution of Web Design by the folks at KISSmetrics. blog.kissmet…-web-design/[+]

6:14 PM Aug 10th 2011

Pursue tweets from the just concluded An Event Apart Minneapolis for a crash course in web design best practises.[+]

3:04 PM Aug 10th 2011

New on the blog: Ryan Singer on learning “apprentice-style”.…/knowing-how[+]

6:56 PM Aug 8th 2011

It took a while, but we’ve finally found our sweet spot. Say hello to the Miranj blog.…1/sweet-spot[+]

8:40 PM Aug 3rd 2011

Personal names around the world and their implications on form and database design. Excellent article by the W3C!…rsonal-names[+]

1:14 AM Aug 1st 2011