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From the month of January, 2012.

In which we gush over @stripe, a new payment gateway/service we can’t wait to use:…/2012/stripe[+]

6:25 PM Jan 27th 2012

To-do lists continue raising the bar for simple interfaces. The latest one to do so is ‘Clear’ and it looks fantastic! realmacsoftw…[+]

11:07 PM Jan 26th 2012

Never a bad time for @espiekermann’s 7 typo tips:…ypo_tips.pdf[+]

Supplements well our intro to web typography:…pography-web[+]

8:31 PM Jan 25th 2012

Vimeo is getting a pretty rad makeover. Take a sneak peak:[+]

3:10 PM Jan 25th 2012

xScope, one of the indispensable tools from our web design arsenal just hit 3.0.[+]

From the folks at The @Iconfactory.

5:31 PM Jan 19th 2012

This little bit of JavaScript auto-refreshes your CSS files whenever they are saved. Should come handy for local dev.[+]

7:21 PM Jan 16th 2012

Flickr is dropping support for Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox 3.6 going forward:….-year-fresh/[+]

4:25 PM Jan 14th 2012

A boilerplate for apps leveraging Backbone.js…-boilerplate[+]

From @tbranyen and team at Bocoup weblog.bocou…-boilerplate[+]

11:21 PM Jan 11th 2012

The New Web Typography, now on Internet Explorer 10+ or Firefox 8+.…u/index.html[+]

Love it!

7:47 PM Jan 10th 2012