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Restaurant Week is back! Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore from April 1-10. For reservations:[+]

11:09 PM Mar 21st 2013

@piplanis got your email. will reply soon. thanks.

9:13 PM Mar 21st 2013 in reply to piplanis

Ms @eatanddust on Daulat ki Chaat: bellycentric…lat-ki-chaat[+]

Only about a month more before it disappears for an year, so hurry. #foodiealert

6:39 AM Jan 23rd 2013

@turmericdesign Tried Carnatic Café at NFC? We’d also have recommended XO Oriental Teahouse at HKV but they seem to be moving shop.

1:29 AM Jan 20th 2013 in reply to turmericdesign

Calcutta Cravings, illustrated edition: diaries.turm…calcuttafood[+] /by the wonderful @turmericdesign

9:26 AM Jan 19th 2013

@Namrata_Joshi Exactly :) We saw what they were serving (which was quite mouth-watering), and decided to come back another day. @stwta

4:32 AM Jan 19th 2013 in reply to Namrata_Joshi

@Namrata_Joshi Well by the time we landed there, we were too full. Plan to go there soon on an empty stomach :) @stwta

4:25 AM Jan 19th 2013 in reply to Namrata_Joshi

@stwta @Namrata_Joshi We visited Adarsh Bhojanalay today. Their 120 bucks thali is, unfortunately, no longer under 100.

1:00 AM Jan 19th 2013 in reply to stwta

We have a new project: Meals Under 100 in Delhi under100.bel…[+]

Read more about it on the blog: bellycentric…lly-friendly[+]

9:26 PM Jan 18th 2013

@stwta @Namrata_Joshi Thanks for the recommendation. We’ll go check it out this weekend. We’ve only just started, so keep the tips coming!

6:45 AM Jan 18th 2013 in reply to stwta

क्या आप अच्छा और सस्ता खाना के लिए तरस गए है? तो फिर सिर्फ आपके लिए लाये है हम “Meals Under 100”[+]

12:25 AM Jan 18th 2013

When in Khajuraho, have at least one meal at Bella Italia and drop by Bean Grounded for a cup or coffee.

7:19 PM Jan 13th 2013

Super Mama! ….Our take on Mamagoto, where we head for our Thai food fix every once in a while. bellycentric…049/mamagoto[+]

3:53 AM Dec 25th 2012

Next in our Calcutta Cravings series: The Kati Rolls of Kolkata. bellycentric…a-cravings-4[+]

2:07 AM Dec 18th 2012

When in Guju-land’s dairy capital Anand, do not miss the hand-churned ice creams @ Sarvodaya Srikhand Icecream Bhandar.…/TPgreZlPKM/[+]

5:43 PM Dec 14th 2012

Street Food Festival from Dec 14-16 at Rafi Marg in Delhi. More details here: hindustantim…-972300.aspx[+] #foodiealert

10:50 PM Dec 13th 2012