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The 2011 collection.

Steaming food on the blog, this time with some light, sound and action!

The Rooftop Kitchens of Chanakyapuri — bellycentric…chanakyapuri[+]

6:27 PM Dec 21st 2011

New on the blog: “Love makes the world go round. So do Gol Gappe.” bellycentric…sc-gol-gappe[+] Read & go there asap!

7:23 PM Dec 16th 2011

Making the perfect South Indian Filter Kaapi ain’t rocket science. Learn it from @priyasreeram.


12:54 AM Dec 8th 2011

If you’re around Central Delhi this week, do take a small detour to check out the ‘Dilli Ke Pakwaan’ Festival. bellycentric…aan-festival[+]

4:01 AM Dec 6th 2011

Delhi Tourism board is running a “Dilli ke Pakwan” food festival at Baba Kharak Singh Marg. 11am to 10pm daily. Ends Dec 11th. #foodiealert

9:43 AM Dec 3rd 2011

Subtle mannerisms, soft humour and of course the food connection. All three so beautifully combined.…=UW2yC7Ru85s[+]

10:00 AM Dec 1st 2011

Delhi 100 Food Festival: Gorge on the best dishes of 50 restaurants for 100 bucks! hindustantim…-773507.aspx[+] #foodiealert

8:16 PM Nov 27th 2011

The Jhal Muri Express: How a British chef is making Jhalmuri a hit in London! indianexpres…uri/874189/0[+]

9:59 PM Nov 23rd 2011

Hot Chocolate Fudge. Nirula’s vs Corner House :: Delhi vs Bangalore. bellycentric…colate-fudge[+] /by @pricelessjunk & @keeperofthekeys

8:46 AM Nov 17th 2011

New on the blog: A complete round-up of all the food awesomeness in Hyderabad by @fauxfleur bellycentric…in-hyderabad[+]

9:11 PM Nov 9th 2011

Italian Food Fest at @tabletalkbyeros runs till 6th Nov. Here’s a recount of our throughly enjoyable meal— bellycentric…ood-festival[+] #foodiealert

10:27 PM Nov 1st 2011

Stuffed Aubergine at Blooms, Eros Hotel (Nehru Place). Sneak Preview from our upcoming Italian Food Festival post.

3:06 AM Oct 30th 2011

Our (month old) visit to the Ramlila melas of old Delhi. Too late to attend this year, but don’t miss your next chance. bellycentric…6955/ramlila[+]

12:27 AM Oct 29th 2011

By the way, we participated at a “sneak preview” to the Italian treat during lunch today. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

Thanks, @sidkhullar.

7:28 AM Oct 27th 2011

Italian Food Promotion prepared by Chef Stefano Nicodemo at Eros - Managed by Hilton, Nehru Place. Oct 27 (today) — Nov 06. #foodiealert

7:23 AM Oct 27th 2011

@keeperofthekeys Yes. We could’ve suggested the Dhaula Kuan one on the Airport Express line, but that’d be worse, no?

5:23 AM Oct 19th 2011 in reply to keeperofthekeys

It took us a long time to get this post out.
The Brick House Diner — carefully assessed. bellycentric…-house-diner[+]

2:59 AM Oct 19th 2011

Delhi University South Campus cafeteria offers awesome home-styled cold coffee. At 30 bucks it’s a steal. Just ask them to “make it strong”.

6:28 AM Oct 15th 2011

The 15 rupees Sach Much Aam ice-cream (ice-pulp?) by Cream Bell is quite something.

2:06 AM Oct 5th 2011

Every Durga Puja pandal has food stalls serving Bengali favourites (not restricted to Bengali cuisine). Ends Oct 5th. #foodiealert

4:00 AM Oct 3rd 2011

Those of you who are joining us as we head to Ananda Mela today evening — we plan to reach Mela Ground entrance by 4pm and start soon after.

8:50 PM Oct 1st 2011

@xAbhishek Yay! See you on Sunday.

9:05 AM Sep 28th 2011

Durga Puja, Bengali, homemade—too much to pass. Belly Centric heads to Ananda Mela +you’re invited bellycentric…-ananda-mela[+][+]

8:55 AM Sep 28th 2011

Oh, and they’re also on Twitter @TheGolcondaBowl.

11:23 PM Sep 27th 2011

The Golconda Bowl (Hauz Khas) mini-review: Great food, over-enthusiastic service, poor decor, heavy on the wallet.…da-bowl-4899[+]

11:14 PM Sep 27th 2011

And when a vendor takes negative feedback in a positive stride, you know your food is going to be even more loved and cared for.

10:31 AM Sep 25th 2011

When a food vendor refers to his cooks as कारीगरs, you know your food has been loved and cared for.

10:20 AM Sep 25th 2011

Miss @eatanddust has more on Nem Chand Jain’s jalebis and successors: eatanddust.c…ith-jalebis/[+]

And our old encounter: bellycentric…o-the-kulfis[+]

7:34 AM Sep 17th 2011

So the ‘Old Famous Jalebi Wala’ of Chandni Chowk is actually called ‘Nem Chand Jalebi Wala’.

7:30 AM Sep 17th 2011

New on the blog: Haven’t tasted good naans for a long time? Here’s a good option in the old part of the town. bellycentric…ake-di-hatti[+] #delhi

7:28 AM Sep 12th 2011

Gol Market’s Kaleva sweet house has decent paneer-stuffed Moong Dal Chilla. Thick, soft, well made.

6:00 AM Sep 11th 2011

Read this so that your next food bill doesn’t stump you. info.akosha….aurant-bill/[+] /via: @MyAkosha

11:54 PM Sep 7th 2011

हया तो छोड़ो बेहया की चाल भी खा जाए
और अगर परोसा जा सके तो ख्याल भी खा जाए! Motumaster from Udaan bellycentric…3/motumaster[+]

7:35 AM Aug 29th 2011

Not sure how many months this offer will go on, but the last 7 days of every month you get a 15% discount at @BrickHouseDiner. #foodiealert

8:32 AM Aug 28th 2011

By the way, in addition to Idli, Vada and Dosa the 50 rupees breakfast meal at Andhra Bhawan also includes a cup of tea/coffee.

3:53 AM Aug 20th 2011

We’re unsure about the original creator of the list of “50 dishes to try in Delhi”, but nevertheless it entices us. foodenthusia…-ankush.html[+]

11:23 PM Aug 18th 2011

Our bookmark of a post by @delhifoodiesDFZ about Mavalli Tiffin Rooms (MTR), Lalbagh, Bangalore: bellycentric…tiffin-rooms[+]

8:02 AM Aug 17th 2011

If you happen to be in one of the 7 lucky cities, Pista House Haleem is just a click away (till 31st Aug).[+] #foodiealert

8:50 AM Aug 16th 2011

Our beloved Kuremal kulfi wala spotted in Time Magazine.…9925,00.html[+] /via @DilliBelle

7:53 PM Aug 9th 2011

New on the blog: The Mazaar Detour – Afghani food in the capital. bellycentric…azaar-detour[+]

8:14 AM Aug 9th 2011

If you’re late and Kuremal Kulfi is closed, there’s another outlet further down the lane. Just ask around. bellycentric…o-the-kulfis[+] #foodiealert

2:37 AM Aug 8th 2011

Ustad Moinuddin’s kebabs are closed during the month of #Ramazan. He’ll reopen after Eid ul-Fitr. bellycentric…amidst-chaos[+] #foodiealert

1:59 AM Aug 8th 2011

Wanna enjoy a meal at Karim’s, Jama Masjid during the month of #Ramazan? Make sure you reach after breaking of fast (Iftar). #foodiealert

1:55 AM Aug 8th 2011

A map of Mumbai’s Mohammed Ali Road for foodies making hay in the month of Ramzan. mumbaiboss.c…ed-ali-road/[+]

9:00 AM Aug 5th 2011

Monsoons, Bhuttas and the accompanying Bhutta Masala. hindustantim…-726969.aspx[+]

12:51 AM Jul 31st 2011

South Indian meals for Dummies. A guide by @Sarcasan: sarcasan.tum…-indian-meal[+] /via @eclairsk3

10:44 AM Jul 29th 2011

@jyotibhargava Thank you Ma’am! Indian Coffee House at Mohan Singh Place is a must try if you like undisturbed time travel.

9:57 AM Jul 27th 2011 in reply to jyotibhargava

If for some reason you happen to be looking for food, vegetarian food, in Goa jdesignlab.c…tarians.html[+] /by @jyotibhargava

9:26 AM Jul 27th 2011

Just to get you smiling for the day: Simpoo Singh Sodhi turns vegetarian.…=Jp4MjWg33fA[+]

5:59 AM Jul 23rd 2011

No authentic pretence this. B’lore’s Veeks & Thomas are unapologetically Indian about the continental on their menu. theindiatube…ly-good-meal[+]

7:18 PM Jul 15th 2011

Now Serving: One of the last meals at El Bulli, headed by possibly the world’s best chef…Ferran Adrià.[+]

7:00 PM Jul 10th 2011

Missing Plates | Chef @RoshniBajaj on the lack of diversity in cuisine in Mumbai, contrary to popular opinion. mumbaiboss.c…sing-plates/[+]

7:16 PM Jul 9th 2011

“We never charge a restaurant because to show their listing, that’s the Right to Information Act!” —Zomato co-founder Pankaj Chaddah, today.

5:32 PM Jul 9th 2011

All you need is a beautiful evening: Coffee on the Terrace – bellycentric…-the-terrace[+]

1:15 PM Jul 6th 2011

“If you hide from germs and bugs, of course you’ll fall sick.”

9:58 AM Jul 5th 2011

Vir Sanghvi on how restaurant cuisine in Delhi has never been as varied and as interesting as it is these days. virsanghvi.c….aspx?ID=645[+]

11:00 AM Jul 4th 2011

@pheonixash Dhanyawaad sir :) Kabhi aao dilli, aapko bhi kuch mazedaar khilaenge.

9:11 AM Jun 30th 2011 in reply to pheonixash

In case you’re bored of your usual sandwich, here are some mouth-watering options.

5:18 PM Jun 29th 2011

“Real” food recipes, porn etc. at[+]

/via @ytvinay

8:32 AM Jun 27th 2011

Andhra Bhawan might have been deceiving folks at google maps (….e=UTF-8&z=14[+]), but we have managed to sniff it out. Thanks, @aroradush.

6:03 AM Jun 26th 2011

Food columnist @RoshniBajaj on why she will always choose her local veggie vendor over a chain store.

4:39 PM Jun 25th 2011

McDonald’s McSpicy Paneer burger development story /by @kushanmitra

4:38 PM Jun 25th 2011

@AbhimanyuSanghi Aah, a bit far but never. On the list. Thanks!

4:50 PM Jun 24th 2011 in reply to AbhimanyuSanghi

@AbhimanyuSanghi no, haven’t tried that place. Where is it? Will check it out & get back.

7:40 AM Jun 24th 2011 in reply to AbhimanyuSanghi

@amanahuja Glad you enjoyed reading it. Let us know what you think of it after you visit the place :)

7:39 AM Jun 24th 2011 in reply to amanahuja

Restaurants, water, bottles, reverse osmosis and a new Supreme Court order.…d-water.html[+] /via @thebetterindia

7:41 PM Jun 23rd 2011

McDonalds, coming soon to a highway near you. hindustantim…-711721.aspx[+]

6:08 PM Jun 21st 2011

Eat a bit of everything. “@daniel_baylis: 20 things I learned from travel - danielbaylis…from-travel/[+] #travel #lp

6:18 PM Jun 20th 2011

It’s also known as Secular House and can be found at the intersection of Anruna Asaf Ali & Shaheed Jeet Singh Margs.…..015171&z=16[+]

5:25 PM Jun 20th 2011

If you ever find yourself around any of the various institutes in Qutab Institutional Area, be sure to give Mezbaan the staff canteen a try.

5:23 PM Jun 20th 2011

Today’s Mouth-Watering dish is brought to you by Sydney’s Din Tai Fung: Noodles & Wonton in Spicy Sauce

7:11 AM Jun 20th 2011

In the end…Upma was the winner.…0084-19.html[+]

8:51 AM Jun 17th 2011

The non-vegetarian onslaught at Matia Mahal. bellycentric…-matia-mahal[+]

12:59 PM Jun 15th 2011

Well, this is a spoiler, but we’re too focussed.

6:41 AM Jun 14th 2011

Had frozen coke today. Slurrrpily delicious! Gonna try it at home when I get back.

2:54 PM Jun 11th 2011

Guacamole sauce has to be the awesomest add-on to a burger! #TryIt

2:52 PM Jun 11th 2011

The menu at Din Tai Fung here is slightly better than the one in Singapore. Also, somebody really needs to get DTF to India.

4:41 AM Jun 8th 2011

Wolfed down some “Vegetable Wonton & Noodle in Spicy Sauce” @ Din Tai Fung. Really good stuff. #Sydney

4:40 AM Jun 8th 2011

So, Pizza Square? Meh.

1:30 PM Jun 6th 2011

@banerjeerupak Our fellow bhukkad @souvikdg takes that as a compliment. Thank you.

4:08 PM May 31st 2011 in reply to banerjeerupak

Photo: Dahi-Bhalle at Ashok Chaat Corner (Chawri Bazaar)[+]

12:37 PM May 28th 2011

Photo: Crispy Hing Kachoris & Samosas (Naya Baans)[+]

12:36 PM May 28th 2011

Tried the ‘Chocolate Paan’ outside Odeon in C.P. Not a bad variation I must say. They also serve a Strawberry & Chuski Paan :)

8:06 PM May 26th 2011

Depressing absence of local, independent fresh food vendors on the platforms of Purani Dilli railway station.

1:46 AM May 24th 2011

Chakh le, chakh le, chakh le

Chakh le sare gham …

4:01 PM May 21st 2011

Rains don’t dampen our spirits. We’re headed towards the walled city.

11:34 AM May 21st 2011

Words not enough to make you jealous? We’re on Flickr too:…ellycentric/[+]

Hungry much?

5:30 PM May 19th 2011

Field Report: The Moolchand Paranthe-waala

6:01 PM May 18th 2011

Potato-filled South Indian crepes or Masala Though-Sa? sumantics.wo…masala-dosa/[+] #youprefer (via @Sumantics)

5:52 PM May 18th 2011

Re: today’s @EOiD food walk. All three of us (@souvikdg, @lokallobaat and @rungta) will be there, belly in tow.

6:47 AM May 14th 2011