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From the month of June, 2012.

@MyUnfinishedlyf let us know what he thinks after trying out these places :)

7:39 PM Jun 28th 2012 in reply to MyUnfinishedlyf

Get-together over Burmese & Thai food (from Burmese Kitchen) at a fellow foodie’s place in Gurgaon tomorrow. If interested, let us know.

7:39 PM Jun 28th 2012

Demolish “The Conqueror” — burger challenge at Roadhouse Bar and Grill on 4th July. chefatlarge….registration[+] #foodiealert

9:49 PM Jun 27th 2012

Next on our Calcutta Cravings series — a mix of traditional and popular Bengali delicacies. bellycentric…a-cravings-3[+]

8:34 PM Jun 19th 2012

Nando’s opening up in Delhi in DLF Promenade. Peri soon. #foodiealert (HT: @Shhh_Ingredient)

4:05 AM Jun 12th 2012

Salim Kabab now has a shiny new outlet at the car market opposite Khan Market. Go grab your portion of Kakori Kabab. #foodiealert

8:06 AM Jun 9th 2012

@s_shashank_s We love it too! Have you tried the new Wenger’s Deli, right next to Keventers?

11:35 PM Jun 3rd 2012 in reply to s_shashank_s

“Few cafés, says Mr. Singh, have survived to see the rise and fall of the British Empire. Wenger’s has.”…dest-bakery/[+]

10:51 PM Jun 3rd 2012

गर्मी से परेशान? @DilliDaily आपके लिए ले कर आए हैं कुछ ख़ास “पुराणी पाठशाला” तरीकें — littleblackb…r-delicacies[+] (via @ap00rv)

10:16 PM Jun 2nd 2012