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From the month of August, 2011.

हया तो छोड़ो बेहया की चाल भी खा जाए
और अगर परोसा जा सके तो ख्याल भी खा जाए! Motumaster from Udaan bellycentric…3/motumaster[+]

7:35 AM Aug 29th 2011

Not sure how many months this offer will go on, but the last 7 days of every month you get a 15% discount at @BrickHouseDiner. #foodiealert

8:32 AM Aug 28th 2011

By the way, in addition to Idli, Vada and Dosa the 50 rupees breakfast meal at Andhra Bhawan also includes a cup of tea/coffee.

3:53 AM Aug 20th 2011

We’re unsure about the original creator of the list of “50 dishes to try in Delhi”, but nevertheless it entices us. foodenthusia…-ankush.html[+]

11:23 PM Aug 18th 2011

Our bookmark of a post by @delhifoodiesDFZ about Mavalli Tiffin Rooms (MTR), Lalbagh, Bangalore: bellycentric…tiffin-rooms[+]

8:02 AM Aug 17th 2011

If you happen to be in one of the 7 lucky cities, Pista House Haleem is just a click away (till 31st Aug).[+] #foodiealert

8:50 AM Aug 16th 2011

Our beloved Kuremal kulfi wala spotted in Time Magazine.…9925,00.html[+] /via @DilliBelle

7:53 PM Aug 9th 2011

New on the blog: The Mazaar Detour – Afghani food in the capital. bellycentric…azaar-detour[+]

8:14 AM Aug 9th 2011

If you’re late and Kuremal Kulfi is closed, there’s another outlet further down the lane. Just ask around. bellycentric…o-the-kulfis[+] #foodiealert

2:37 AM Aug 8th 2011

Ustad Moinuddin’s kebabs are closed during the month of #Ramazan. He’ll reopen after Eid ul-Fitr. bellycentric…amidst-chaos[+] #foodiealert

1:59 AM Aug 8th 2011

Wanna enjoy a meal at Karim’s, Jama Masjid during the month of #Ramazan? Make sure you reach after breaking of fast (Iftar). #foodiealert

1:55 AM Aug 8th 2011

A map of Mumbai’s Mohammed Ali Road for foodies making hay in the month of Ramzan. mumbaiboss.c…ed-ali-road/[+]

9:00 AM Aug 5th 2011