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Which do you think makes you more creative, coffee or beer?…f7fcb3b786b1[+]

9:26 PM Jun 1st 2013

“But sometimes, even I see food that looks so fantastic that it’s almost difficult to take the first bite. —@wildiris framedandfoc…appetit.html[+]

7:27 AM May 14th 2013

Carnatic Café — Some great South Indian food and our go-to place for rava idlies and filter coffee in Delhi. bellycentric…arnatic-cafe[+]

1:24 AM Apr 21st 2013

How Domino’s makes sure the 30 minute promise is kept every time.…-pizza-store[+]

9:27 AM Apr 7th 2013

@keeperofthekeys We’ve given it a thought, but the food doesn’t really qualify as a meal.

2:41 AM Mar 31st 2013 in reply to keeperofthekeys