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From the month of October, 2011.

Stuffed Aubergine at Blooms, Eros Hotel (Nehru Place). Sneak Preview from our upcoming Italian Food Festival post.

3:06 AM Oct 30th 2011

Our (month old) visit to the Ramlila melas of old Delhi. Too late to attend this year, but don’t miss your next chance. bellycentric…6955/ramlila[+]

12:27 AM Oct 29th 2011

By the way, we participated at a “sneak preview” to the Italian treat during lunch today. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

Thanks, @sidkhullar.

7:28 AM Oct 27th 2011

Italian Food Promotion prepared by Chef Stefano Nicodemo at Eros - Managed by Hilton, Nehru Place. Oct 27 (today) — Nov 06. #foodiealert

7:23 AM Oct 27th 2011

@keeperofthekeys Yes. We could’ve suggested the Dhaula Kuan one on the Airport Express line, but that’d be worse, no?

5:23 AM Oct 19th 2011 in reply to keeperofthekeys

It took us a long time to get this post out.
The Brick House Diner — carefully assessed. bellycentric…-house-diner[+]

2:59 AM Oct 19th 2011

Delhi University South Campus cafeteria offers awesome home-styled cold coffee. At 30 bucks it’s a steal. Just ask them to “make it strong”.

6:28 AM Oct 15th 2011

The 15 rupees Sach Much Aam ice-cream (ice-pulp?) by Cream Bell is quite something.

2:06 AM Oct 5th 2011

Every Durga Puja pandal has food stalls serving Bengali favourites (not restricted to Bengali cuisine). Ends Oct 5th. #foodiealert

4:00 AM Oct 3rd 2011

Those of you who are joining us as we head to Ananda Mela today evening — we plan to reach Mela Ground entrance by 4pm and start soon after.

8:50 PM Oct 1st 2011