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What good dishes should look like.…/SgJWygFPFH/[+]

12:24 PM Nov 29th 2012

And we’ve collaborated with Bangalore-based photographer (& friend) @rashmiswamy for regular Instagram dosage from her travels & the South.

7:30 AM Nov 20th 2012

Instead it currently features food from Amritsar, Kolkata, Bombay, all the way down south to Bangalore and Kerala.

7:30 AM Nov 20th 2012

Our blog may be dominated by Delhi but 6 photos in & our Instagram feed has yet to feature the capital city.…bellycentric[+]

7:29 AM Nov 20th 2012

Crunchy, tangy and light. Fateh ki Kachoris – a must try if you’re in Delhi. bellycentric…h-ki-kachori[+]

8:33 PM Nov 18th 2012

Now making you salivate on Instagram as well:…bellycentric[+]

10:00 AM Nov 9th 2012

There’s a pretty gala festival on at the IIC featuring food from Egypt to Malaysia to Orissa. iicdelhi.nic…?q=node/2548[+] #foodiealert

10:58 PM Nov 1st 2012

@keeperofthekeys Chef did not suggest any work around. Guess you should be able to find some strong/hard flour if you hunt well.

4:36 AM Oct 23rd 2012 in reply to keeperofthekeys

Pizza trivia, recipe and tips from Chef Theo — everything you need to know to make those perfect pizzas right at home.


2:33 AM Oct 23rd 2012

Perhaps you wouldn’t want to miss the food at Ramlila around this time. Here’s what we did a year back — bellycentric…6955/ramlila[+]


4:30 AM Oct 22nd 2012

Speaking of Bombay, @virsanghvi charts the origin & spread of its “gastronomic diversity” in a long essay on the city: virsanghvi.c…aspx?key=855[+]

4:24 AM Oct 17th 2012

If you’re attending the Mumbai Film Festival, here is a helpful guide to pay heed to those hunger pangs between movies. filmblog.aut…de-2012.html[+]

2:30 AM Oct 17th 2012

Learn how to make & taste desserts using Häagen-Dazs ice-cream with Maria Goretti. All for 100 bucks! Sign up here:…aria-Goretti[+]

7:10 PM Oct 5th 2012

Karim’s folklore and Belly Centric trivia — bellycentric…rs-of-karims[+]

6:43 AM Sep 27th 2012

“How cool would it be if we could change the way people ate popcorn?”

Meet the Popinator:…=b1cz8IasV4w[+]

8:35 AM Sep 19th 2012

Just in case the café menus have outpaced your coffee knowledge, here’s The Espresso Stack.


4:09 AM Sep 19th 2012

Foodies in Bangalore, Mumbai & Delhi - Mark you calendars as Restaurant Week is back! Details:…6715426&fe=1[+]

2:09 AM Sep 4th 2012

“Simple Kashmiri food at reasonable prices, a friendly cook and a homely experience…”

Wazwan at Jammu & Kashmir house bellycentric…-at-jk-house[+]

8:06 PM Aug 20th 2012

Remember ‘Kunafa’ at Meher Chand market? Mademoiselle @MlleChouFleur has more: mademoiselle…afa-and.html[+]

And we agree with her must-tries.

8:33 AM Aug 19th 2012