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From the month of September, 2011.

@xAbhishek Yay! See you on Sunday.

9:05 AM Sep 28th 2011

Durga Puja, Bengali, homemade—too much to pass. Belly Centric heads to Ananda Mela +you’re invited bellycentric…-ananda-mela[+][+]

8:55 AM Sep 28th 2011

Oh, and they’re also on Twitter @TheGolcondaBowl.

11:23 PM Sep 27th 2011

The Golconda Bowl (Hauz Khas) mini-review: Great food, over-enthusiastic service, poor decor, heavy on the wallet.…da-bowl-4899[+]

11:14 PM Sep 27th 2011

And when a vendor takes negative feedback in a positive stride, you know your food is going to be even more loved and cared for.

10:31 AM Sep 25th 2011

When a food vendor refers to his cooks as कारीगरs, you know your food has been loved and cared for.

10:20 AM Sep 25th 2011

Miss @eatanddust has more on Nem Chand Jain’s jalebis and successors: eatanddust.c…ith-jalebis/[+]

And our old encounter: bellycentric…o-the-kulfis[+]

7:34 AM Sep 17th 2011

So the ‘Old Famous Jalebi Wala’ of Chandni Chowk is actually called ‘Nem Chand Jalebi Wala’.

7:30 AM Sep 17th 2011

New on the blog: Haven’t tasted good naans for a long time? Here’s a good option in the old part of the town. bellycentric…ake-di-hatti[+] #delhi

7:28 AM Sep 12th 2011

Gol Market’s Kaleva sweet house has decent paneer-stuffed Moong Dal Chilla. Thick, soft, well made.

6:00 AM Sep 11th 2011

Read this so that your next food bill doesn’t stump you. info.akosha….aurant-bill/[+] /via: @MyAkosha

11:54 PM Sep 7th 2011