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From the month of June, 2011.

Dimension is measurable. Scale is mental – a relationship to the object and the space surrounding it. Mastering scale is a lifelong search.

6:08 AM Jun 25th 2011

Discipline doesn’t mean going straight. Discipline is just rigorousness to yourself and to the boundaries you set up for a particular work.

9:37 AM Jun 19th 2011

Design without discipline is anarchy.

9:34 AM Jun 19th 2011

You have to learn to have a critical mind. There is no such thing as a creative mind but not a critical mind.

1:37 PM Jun 7th 2011

I like cubes, squares and circles. They are perfect, eternal, absolute shapes. We always start with absolute quantities in product design.

11:51 PM Jun 3rd 2011