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From the month of March, 2011.

Discipline without interpretation is boring, but interpretation without discipline doesn’t stand up.

5:40 AM Mar 19th 2011

Trendiness is trash because next year, when it is over, it becomes trash right away.

6:45 AM Mar 14th 2011

Everything is the product of the mind. Everything that is ugly is the product of ugly minds. Beauty is a by-product of intellectual elegance

8:04 PM Mar 11th 2011

Theory is what generates a product. Criticism is what controls it. History is what gives you the possibility of evaluating your work.

9:34 AM Mar 10th 2011

For education in design, three things are important: history, theory and criticism.

9:32 AM Mar 10th 2011

Design, like music, works within a framework. Interpret established rules and solve the problem. It’s about how well you play the instrument

12:11 PM Mar 1st 2011