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The 2010 collection.

Graphic design suffers when discipline has been abandoned in favor of the random.

12:57 PM Dec 14th 2010

Style is transitory. Attitude is permanent.

7:11 AM Dec 11th 2010

A book with square pictures will be square, a book with rectangular pictures will be rectangular. The content determines the container.

10:57 AM Dec 9th 2010

Helvetica is our ultimate typeface: objective, powerful, and delicate according to weight. But above all it is timeless and universal.

11:44 PM Dec 4th 2010

The role of fashion is temporary. The role of clothing is permanence. We designed clothing because we are only interested in permanence.

11:47 AM Dec 2nd 2010

A great client brings more great clients; conversely, a bad one brings worse ones.

10:53 AM Nov 30th 2010

The answer is in the problem, not in a magazine, not in another designer’s work. If you keep digging you’ll find the answer in the question.

8:24 AM Nov 27th 2010

You’ll never forget anything you have created. It just becomes part of your language.

11:04 AM Nov 25th 2010

Design things where the user can participate, but don’t let the product lose its identity. Strike a balance between identity and diversity.

12:13 PM Nov 17th 2010

Our work will appear consistent from the beginning, but it has undergone continuos refinement, to become more and more essential.

1:05 AM Nov 13th 2010

Whatever you do, if it’s not understood, it’s a waste of time.

10:14 PM Nov 11th 2010

Vulgarity is anything that is not refined. There is no beauty in vulgarity. A vulgar woman is never beautiful.

8:53 AM Nov 4th 2010

Great designs can be achieved without the use of the grid, but the grid is a very useful tool to guarantee results.

11:47 AM Nov 2nd 2010

Good design is intellectually elegant. It contributes to civilization just as good literature, good music or good movies do.

11:53 AM Nov 1st 2010

We prefer a primary palette of red, blue, and yellow, but any color works if you push it to the extreme.

9:21 PM Oct 26th 2010

The past is the best thing that ever happened. Learn from it.

2:43 AM Oct 24th 2010

The most important thing for next generation designers is to fight against obsolescence; to create a culture that doesn’t throw things away.

1:14 AM Oct 22nd 2010

Market research is a science invented in America to protect management from fear of failure.

6:18 AM Oct 18th 2010

The only thing you can easily produce in great quantities is junk.

10:55 PM Oct 15th 2010

Collaboration means sharing the same cultural platform, a similarity of intents and aiming to the same objectives.

3:00 AM Oct 15th 2010

Typography has very little to do with typefaces. Typography is about structure. It is the space between type, not type itself.

9:58 PM Oct 13th 2010

If you can’t find it, design it.

9:54 PM Oct 11th 2010

There are many great designers, but few good clients.

10:32 PM Oct 10th 2010

I hate variety for variety’s sake. The amount of problems one has to address as a designer brings variety in itself.

3:02 AM Oct 8th 2010

We are not interested in abstract shapes and contours. We prefer straight lines and geometric forms. Geometry has a timeless value.

10:49 PM Oct 4th 2010

Design has to be more responsible: towards the user, towards society, and towards the discipline of design itself.

12:05 AM Sep 30th 2010

White in typography is what space is in architecture.

11:57 PM Sep 28th 2010

If you do it right, it will last forever. It is as simple as that.

12:58 AM Sep 28th 2010

We like design to be beyond fashionable modes and temporary fads. We despise the culture of obsolescence. Good design is timeless.

12:57 AM Sep 27th 2010

I’m not a designer. I’m a sifter. I keep sifting until I’m left with just the essentials — just the good.

11:30 PM Sep 25th 2010

Train yourself to be disciplined. Train yourself to stay away from trends. Do this over time and your work will become timeless.

9:31 PM Sep 24th 2010

Good design is visually powerful, intellectually elegant, and above all, timeless.

12:08 AM Sep 24th 2010

Design for people. Meet their needs, not their wants.

11:27 AM Sep 22nd 2010

It’s not important to develop your own style. But it is important to develop your own approach.

12:00 AM Sep 22nd 2010

Learn from the past, think of the present, dream of the future.

10:31 PM Sep 20th 2010

Design must solve a problem. Without a problem, I don’t exist.

12:02 AM Sep 20th 2010

Confused, complicated designs reveal an equally confused and complicated mind.

2:13 PM Sep 19th 2010

The final look of anything is the by-product of the clarity (or lack of it) during its design phase.

2:12 PM Sep 19th 2010

A designer without a sense of history is worth nothing.

1:27 PM Sep 19th 2010

If you can design one thing, you can design everything, because the discipline of design is the same.

1:18 PM Sep 19th 2010

The life of a designer is a life of fight: fight against the ugliness.

1:06 PM Sep 19th 2010