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The 2011 collection.

We’re in the revolutionary 1450s of digital publishing, just after the invention of movable type. Books will disappear. Design for digital.

5:39 AM Dec 3rd 2011

Steve Jobs understood the four wheels to success in our industry: design, production, financial and marketing. His vision was total.

12:02 AM Nov 26th 2011

Worth repeating: Good design is visually powerful, intellectually elegant, and above all, timeless.

1:10 AM Nov 20th 2011

The Vignelli home library: 50 years of print design vignellidesi…/12678429852[+]

6:39 AM Nov 12th 2011

@saurospagnol @TrevorBaum @fenmark @mullerbrockmann @juniorspecial The client’s needs first, yes. But that’s not a license for any typeface.

9:02 PM Nov 8th 2011 in reply to saurospagnol

Photo: The Saratoga, designed in 1964 for Poltronova. vignellidesi…/12509707304[+]

12:05 PM Nov 8th 2011

@KombinatType Timelessness is how we measure greatness. Only a few typefaces have stood the test of time, hence we only stick to a handful.

9:10 AM Nov 8th 2011 in reply to KombinatType

@Ampersanderson Apprenticeship should be supported by education in design history, theory and criticism.

5:56 AM Nov 8th 2011 in reply to Ampersanderson

@KLTF Except, there are only a handful of great typefaces.

5:53 AM Nov 8th 2011 in reply to KLTF

@shaunpimley Focus on other design elements for expressiveness. Keep typography objective. Stick to timeless ones like Helvetica or Bodoni.

4:31 AM Nov 8th 2011 in reply to shaunpimley

The worse the designer is, the more typefaces he uses.

11:12 AM Nov 7th 2011

You cannot have better design unless you have better design schools. It is as simple as that.

4:28 AM Nov 6th 2011

We like music and we can’t stand noise. What we see in poor design is noise. Noise is a sound that has no intellectual depth.

2:19 AM Oct 22nd 2011

New York’s all new SD26, designed by us:[+] (Flash required)

11:47 AM Oct 18th 2011

“If in the process of solving a problem you create a problem, you didn’t design”: vignellidesi…/11607992424[+]

9:46 AM Oct 18th 2011

We believe in the social responsibility of the designer and that design is an integral part of the production process, not an embellishment.

10:33 PM Sep 30th 2011

The discipline of design is one. We believe that different experiences enrich the mind and that specialization creates entropy.

2:40 AM Sep 24th 2011

Visual strength is an expression of intellectual elegance and should not be confused with just visual impact (often obtrusive and vulgar).

12:01 PM Aug 27th 2011

Creativity needs the support of knowledge to be able to perform at its best.

3:12 AM Aug 14th 2011

A designer should be able to design everything from a spoon to a city, because the basic discipline of design is one — only specifics change

11:32 PM Aug 4th 2011

We hope there is no ‘Vignelli look’. It would be a negation of all that we stand for. We are not interested in style, per se.

8:31 AM Jul 17th 2011

Our process of working is by subtraction. It is about refinement, instead of trying to do a completely new thing.

9:05 AM Jul 3rd 2011

Dimension is measurable. Scale is mental – a relationship to the object and the space surrounding it. Mastering scale is a lifelong search.

6:08 AM Jun 25th 2011

Discipline doesn’t mean going straight. Discipline is just rigorousness to yourself and to the boundaries you set up for a particular work.

9:37 AM Jun 19th 2011

Design without discipline is anarchy.

9:34 AM Jun 19th 2011

You have to learn to have a critical mind. There is no such thing as a creative mind but not a critical mind.

1:37 PM Jun 7th 2011

I like cubes, squares and circles. They are perfect, eternal, absolute shapes. We always start with absolute quantities in product design.

11:51 PM Jun 3rd 2011

We like design that has strength. This is what the Bauhaus was all about: simple things that work, that last, that are good, that are real.

1:08 AM May 8th 2011

@Shorty2Short411 Great. Can you share any interview notes or a recording with us?

9:16 PM May 6th 2011 in reply to Shorty2Short411

Training the eye is crucial. Go to Venice or Florence. Walk down the streets there and you’ll learn more about design than at design school.

11:37 AM May 3rd 2011

Good design lasts.

8:29 AM Apr 30th 2011

Discipline without interpretation is boring, but interpretation without discipline doesn’t stand up.

5:40 AM Mar 19th 2011

Trendiness is trash because next year, when it is over, it becomes trash right away.

6:45 AM Mar 14th 2011

Everything is the product of the mind. Everything that is ugly is the product of ugly minds. Beauty is a by-product of intellectual elegance

8:04 PM Mar 11th 2011

Theory is what generates a product. Criticism is what controls it. History is what gives you the possibility of evaluating your work.

9:34 AM Mar 10th 2011

For education in design, three things are important: history, theory and criticism.

9:32 AM Mar 10th 2011

Design, like music, works within a framework. Interpret established rules and solve the problem. It’s about how well you play the instrument

12:11 PM Mar 1st 2011

A designer’s moral imperative should be to reduce the ugliness around us, and replace them with decent, unselfish designs.

11:32 AM Feb 27th 2011

The search for objectivity is more important to us than subjectivity. Our work is more rigorous and primary as a result.

12:20 PM Feb 15th 2011

An object has style if the intelligence that generated it had style. I doubt that I have ever met or seen an ignorant person with style.

6:11 AM Feb 6th 2011

When you have discipline, you don’t have to look for beauty – it comes out from the clarity of information itself. That is why we use grids.

12:31 AM Jan 30th 2011

Art does not have any limits, but design should.

9:41 AM Jan 26th 2011

Our job is to spread the notion of quality as much as possible. That is our mission.

12:06 PM Jan 18th 2011

If modernism is treated as style, it is modern no more. Modern has no style. Modern is a discipline. Modern is an attitude; a way of being.

11:55 AM Jan 10th 2011

Our approach to graphic design has always been the organization of information. We don’t think of design as art. Design is just design.

12:19 AM Jan 8th 2011