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From the month of October, 2010.

We prefer a primary palette of red, blue, and yellow, but any color works if you push it to the extreme.

9:21 PM Oct 26th 2010

The past is the best thing that ever happened. Learn from it.

2:43 AM Oct 24th 2010

The most important thing for next generation designers is to fight against obsolescence; to create a culture that doesn’t throw things away.

1:14 AM Oct 22nd 2010

Market research is a science invented in America to protect management from fear of failure.

6:18 AM Oct 18th 2010

The only thing you can easily produce in great quantities is junk.

10:55 PM Oct 15th 2010

Collaboration means sharing the same cultural platform, a similarity of intents and aiming to the same objectives.

3:00 AM Oct 15th 2010

Typography has very little to do with typefaces. Typography is about structure. It is the space between type, not type itself.

9:58 PM Oct 13th 2010

If you can’t find it, design it.

9:54 PM Oct 11th 2010

There are many great designers, but few good clients.

10:32 PM Oct 10th 2010

I hate variety for variety’s sake. The amount of problems one has to address as a designer brings variety in itself.

3:02 AM Oct 8th 2010

We are not interested in abstract shapes and contours. We prefer straight lines and geometric forms. Geometry has a timeless value.

10:49 PM Oct 4th 2010