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The 2011 collection.

Background score cues by Rahman from the recent ‘Rockstar’, put together by the unfailing @ursmusically: backgroundsc…d-score.html[+]

1:14 AM Nov 29th 2011

Song of the day: ‘Kangna’ by Fareed Ayaz and Abu Muhammad, with a scintillating performance on Season 4 of Coke Studio:…[+]

12:39 AM Nov 25th 2011

Badal ko kabhi short circuit hote hue dekha hai kya? #Delhi6

10:17 PM Nov 7th 2011

This year’s @NH7 Weekender takes place at Pune on the 18th, 19th and 20th. Best thing to happen for Indian indie music.[+]

3:17 PM Nov 3rd 2011

A documentary on the first ever @NH7 Weekend (2010).…documentary/[+]

Includes support for n00b subtitles.

2:03 PM Nov 3rd 2011

Song of the day: ‘Paimana Bitte’, a beautiful Darri/Farsi and Pashto/Afghani number from Zeb & Haniya’s debut album ‘Chup’.

11:24 AM Oct 31st 2011

Folk Rajasthan – An initiative to better organise and present the folk music of Rajasthan.[+] /via @aahsomemag

3:10 PM Oct 25th 2011

एक जहां छोटा सा अपना एक जहां तुम्हारा
मुस्कान चाहे मीठी हो या आंसू एक खारा
चलो बाँट ले गम और ख़ुशी थोड़ी गुफ्तगू कर लें,
कहो Kya Khayaal Hai

3:41 AM Oct 25th 2011

Chalo baant lein gham aur khusi thodi guftagoo……[+]

24 hours to the Dewarists EP 2 with Shantanu, Swanand, Zeb & Haniya.

7:32 PM Oct 22nd 2011

Bacchon jaisi baatein mat kar, ab hum bade ho gaye hain. #Delhi6

6:28 PM Oct 4th 2011

Decent options to stream and listen to music online, but no real solution yet for digital purchases in India.…ndian-music/[+]

4:58 PM Sep 29th 2011

Song of the day: ‘Tumhein Dillagi Bhool Jani Padegi’ by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan saab.

10:45 PM Sep 21st 2011

Minimal movie posters, closer to home.[+] /by @scribblebulb

1:28 AM Sep 21st 2011

Rabbi Shergill performs ‘Ganga’ for Tehelka’s ‘The Music Project’:…[+]

More:…82F777FD5E4C[+] &…sic-project/[+]

1:02 AM Sep 18th 2011

“The Dichotomy of Fame, featuring Balesh on shehnai and Kabuli on guitars”…ockstar.html[+]

5:46 PM Sep 16th 2011

@rakeshrach You bet! Every little snippet released has been extremely captivating. 6 more days to countdown.

5:21 PM Sep 14th 2011 in reply to rakeshrach

“Humein mard bana do.

“Thare se kisne bola main mard banati hoon?

“Sab jaante hai. Ab hum bade ho gaye hain, humein banna hai!


12:52 PM Sep 11th 2011

Song of the day: ‘Ghir Ghir’ from Indian band Advaita’s debut album, performed here for Coke Studio.…=vZf_V6e7D1s[+]

4:48 PM Sep 4th 2011

Celebrating Indian plagia—oops, inspirationists[+] /by @goberoi

2:24 PM Sep 1st 2011

“It is possible, of course, to render dil, khoon & kismat (heart, blood and destiny) as hriday, rakt & bhagya but it doesn’t often happen.”

7:37 PM Aug 21st 2011

Urdu, Awadh and the Tawaif: the Islamicate roots of Hindi cinema, by Mukul Kesavan…ema_2004.pdf[+]

7:31 PM Aug 21st 2011

Log sunenge to kya kahenge?

“Chutiya aashiqi ke chakkar mein mar gaya, aur laundiya bhi nahin mili.” #YehSaaliZindagi

12:27 AM Aug 19th 2011

@lokallobaat wherewasitsh…7/15/raavan/[+] Filming locations from Raavan and many more Indian movies.

2:12 PM Aug 11th 2011 in reply to lokallobaat

Album of the day: Dil Chahta Hai Background Score by Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy. Notables: Opening, Sid’s theme, Opera Experience & Campus Vision.

11:39 PM Aug 9th 2011

Posters such as this don’t deserve to be relegated to a Facebook album.

2 day Nalini Jayawant retrospective at Sirifort[+]

1:32 AM Jul 28th 2011

Tumne bhi meri zindagi bachai hogi.

“Nahin Sukhi, isne teri zindagi nahin bachai.”

Koi baat nahin, kabhi na kabhi zaroor bachaegi. #RDB

4:07 PM Jul 27th 2011

So, 2011: Dhobi Ghat, Yeh Saali Zindagi, 7 Khoon Maaf, Shor In the City, Stanley Ka Dabba, Shaitan, Delhi Belly, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara…

12:47 AM Jul 27th 2011

“Zarre zarre mein usi ka noor hai. Tu na jhaank woh tujhme bekasoor hai. Ishq hai khudse toh sabse ishq kar, is ibaadat ka yahi dastoor hai.

2:05 AM Jul 26th 2011

Catch the first/second movies by the path-breakers of Indian cinema at the ongoing Naya Cinema Festival in Mumbai. moifightclub…the-details/[+]

10:31 PM Jul 23rd 2011

Song of the day: Aahatein (Live & Unplugged) by Agnee, featuring Rahul Ram and Pritam. /via @souvikdg

8:55 PM Jul 22nd 2011

The one thing on everyone’s mind & the one thing society likes pretending doesn’t exist: Sex. Love in India, by Q.[+]

11:43 PM Jul 16th 2011

Best place for Indian indie music scene @NH7 & @indiecision gets a design refresh, with digital purchases coming soon.…the-new-nh7/[+]

9:53 PM Jul 14th 2011

Arrey ruk ja…
Arrey tham ja…

Arrey ruk ja re bandeh.

12:04 AM Jul 14th 2011

notices blood on legs
Arrey, yeh kaise ho gaya?

realizes he was hit by a bullet
Aww, shit. Yeh kab hua?


12:06 AM Jul 11th 2011


Ye ‘teja teja’ kya hai, yeh ‘teja teja’? #AndaazApnaApna

11:48 PM Jul 7th 2011

Arrey Khurana sir pe toh aapne jaado kar diya hai.

He loves you. #KhoslaKaGhosla

1:01 PM Jul 6th 2011

Nalayak, adharmi, durachaari, vamachaari, bhrashtachaari, bol sorry! #JaaneBhiDoYaaron

7:22 PM Jul 4th 2011

Pandeyji, Dubeyji, Usha ji and Musaddilaal, Office Office bade parde par aane wala hai. Dekh sako to dekh lo.…[+]

1:01 AM Jul 4th 2011

Delhi Belly music director @RamSampath247 profiled over at Open Magazine: /via @milliblog

12:31 PM Jul 3rd 2011

Does anything connect India better than the railways? @vrinda_m explores what the movies think of that in ‘Desh ka mel’…Desh_ka_mel/[+]

1:18 AM Jul 3rd 2011

Kunaal Roy Kapoor (Nitin/photographer in Delhi Belly) also *ed in Loins of Punjab and directed The President is Coming. #didyouknow

1:04 AM Jul 3rd 2011

Pancham Da’s Happy Budday today. From the soothing Aandhi to that heck of an adrenaline boost called Pyaar Humein, long live R.D. Burman.

5:52 PM Jun 27th 2011

moviesandnom…[+] “..for rare, relatively unknown, classics from the Indian Hindi Film industry..”

1:56 PM Jun 21st 2011

How did Khoya Khoya Chand end up where it did in that headed-to-cult-status Shaitan sequence?…=ASxEujcaA8c[+] /via @lokallobaat

12:11 AM Jun 21st 2011

Album of the day: Meenaxi, the film collaboration between A.R. Rahman and M.F. Husain.

3:49 PM Jun 9th 2011[+] Another avenue to watch full-length Indian movies online. Legally and for free. Interesting…

3:49 PM Jun 7th 2011

New Age hitting Indi Pop with Prashant Pillai’s contributions to the Shaitain soundtrack? ‘Nasha’ stands out in particular.

9:17 PM Jun 6th 2011

Winners of the 58th National Film Awards:…?relid=72204[+]

5:29 PM May 19th 2011

Song of the day: ‘Karukara’ by Avial, the fusion rock band from Kerela.[+]

10:24 AM May 13th 2011

Dhobi Ghat DVD out on April 29th (according to Amazon…p/B004KPPQFK[+]). What of its background score?

9:48 PM Apr 27th 2011

Song of the day: Soz-e-Ishq, delivered in the spiritual voice of Abida Parveen.

Watch & be mesmerised cokestudio.c…SeasonId%3D3[+] [Coke Studio S3]

10:32 AM Apr 14th 2011

Paagal Subtitle: Lost—nope, gained in translation! Fun project by @bethlovesbolly


12:20 PM Apr 8th 2011

Girgit – Animated feature on the steady rural migration to Bombay. By Gitanjali Rao. Shelved for lack of funds.…[+] Woah!

11:54 PM Apr 6th 2011

Song of the day: ‘Kyun Main Jaagoon’ from Shankar-@EhsaanSEL-Loy’s Patiala House, rendered searchingly by Shafqat Amanat Ali.

10:33 PM Apr 4th 2011

Song of the day: The folksy and stirring ‘Pyaasi’ by Swarathma (feat. Shubha Mudgal).…[+]

12:26 PM Mar 24th 2011

The makers of ‘99’ / Tusshar Kapoor.
Excellent poster…dg-Noise.jpg[+] / Awful ‘in the city’ title.

Very puzzling. /via @AuteurMark

10:42 PM Mar 21st 2011

“What if everything around you was full of …[+]

Intriguing ‘Just that sort of day’ promo. More: moifightclub…t-brilliant/[+]

1:19 PM Mar 19th 2011

Song of the day: ‘Bondhu’ from Indian Ocean’s 16/330 Khajoor Road.


10:58 AM Mar 7th 2011

Song of the day: Khidki by The Raghu Dixit Project (@trdp).

11:43 AM Feb 16th 2011[+] Wowza!

Ek bar phir, wah wah!

12:39 AM Feb 13th 2011

Song of the day: ‘Warriors In Peace’, from Rahman’s score for the Chinese language film 天地英雄 / Warriors of Heaven and Earth.

12:37 AM Feb 7th 2011

Song of the day: ‘Arrey Ruk Ja Re Bandeh’ from Black Friday. By Indian Ocean.

“… then they fight you, then you win.”

11:05 PM Jan 28th 2011

Song of the day: Jinhe naaz hai hind par woh kahan hain? By Rabbi Shergill.

More: thenewnewthi…ill-bilquis/[+]

8:30 PM Jan 26th 2011

Song of the day: Gangaram Sakhet’s Chola Maati Ke Ram, composed & performed by Nageen Tanveer for Peepli [Live].

“.. jeevan mukti kar le..”

10:57 PM Jan 24th 2011

R.I.P. Pandit Bhimsen Joshi.

10:36 AM Jan 24th 2011

Raavan’s unreleased closing track ‘Ruth Beet Gayi’ is out as a music video featuring Rahman himself.…=Tlv0O6ksEuo[+]

/via @milliblog

2:47 PM Jan 19th 2011

Song of the day: Naina Laggeyan Baarishan … Tujhe Bhula Diya by Vishal-Shekhar.

2:53 PM Jan 3rd 2011