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From the month of June, 2011.

Pancham Da’s Happy Budday today. From the soothing Aandhi to that heck of an adrenaline boost called Pyaar Humein, long live R.D. Burman.

5:52 PM Jun 27th 2011

moviesandnom…[+] “..for rare, relatively unknown, classics from the Indian Hindi Film industry..”

1:56 PM Jun 21st 2011

How did Khoya Khoya Chand end up where it did in that headed-to-cult-status Shaitan sequence?…=ASxEujcaA8c[+] /via @lokallobaat

12:11 AM Jun 21st 2011

Album of the day: Meenaxi, the film collaboration between A.R. Rahman and M.F. Husain.

3:49 PM Jun 9th 2011[+] Another avenue to watch full-length Indian movies online. Legally and for free. Interesting…

3:49 PM Jun 7th 2011

New Age hitting Indi Pop with Prashant Pillai’s contributions to the Shaitain soundtrack? ‘Nasha’ stands out in particular.

9:17 PM Jun 6th 2011