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From the month of September, 2011.

Decent options to stream and listen to music online, but no real solution yet for digital purchases in India.…ndian-music/[+]

4:58 PM Sep 29th 2011

Song of the day: ‘Tumhein Dillagi Bhool Jani Padegi’ by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan saab.

10:45 PM Sep 21st 2011

Minimal movie posters, closer to home.[+] /by @scribblebulb

1:28 AM Sep 21st 2011

Rabbi Shergill performs ‘Ganga’ for Tehelka’s ‘The Music Project’:…[+]

More:…82F777FD5E4C[+] &…sic-project/[+]

1:02 AM Sep 18th 2011

“The Dichotomy of Fame, featuring Balesh on shehnai and Kabuli on guitars”…ockstar.html[+]

5:46 PM Sep 16th 2011

@rakeshrach You bet! Every little snippet released has been extremely captivating. 6 more days to countdown.

5:21 PM Sep 14th 2011 in reply to rakeshrach

“Humein mard bana do.

“Thare se kisne bola main mard banati hoon?

“Sab jaante hai. Ab hum bade ho gaye hain, humein banna hai!


12:52 PM Sep 11th 2011

Song of the day: ‘Ghir Ghir’ from Indian band Advaita’s debut album, performed here for Coke Studio.…=vZf_V6e7D1s[+]

4:48 PM Sep 4th 2011

Celebrating Indian plagia—oops, inspirationists[+] /by @goberoi

2:24 PM Sep 1st 2011