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From the month of December, 2010.

A composer calls @milliblog: ‘If more people like you start voicing your opinion, what will we do yaar?’…r-called-me/[+]

1:32 PM Dec 31st 2010

@sumitsharan Reminds me of Kill Bill.

11:49 AM Dec 30th 2010 in reply to lokallobaat

Not a great interface though. Cluttered, littered with ads… the usual suspects. Will wait & watch. More[+] /via @milliblog

1:30 AM Dec 9th 2010

Interesting.[+] launches with a catalogue that’s free to stream / Rs.12 (or less) to download (128kbps DRM-free) per song.

1:25 AM Dec 9th 2010

@krtgrphr Realised the mistake as soon as I hit ‘Post’. Followed it up with a correction. Damn Murphy!

1:36 AM Dec 8th 2010 in reply to krtgrphr

For more Rahman talk, subscribe to by @rakeshrach and the aforementioned by @krtgrphr.

1:28 AM Dec 8th 2010

An ode to “the phenomenon that is Aaromale”, guilty of suspending many a night.

By @krtgrphr

11:44 PM Dec 7th 2010

Amit Trivedi returns to his ‘Dev.D’ roots with the grungy and edgy ‘No One Killed Jessica’ after the polished and refined ‘Aisha’.

11:25 PM Dec 7th 2010

Hooked to the gripping ‘Aitbar’ from Amit Trivedi’s latest release, ‘No One Killed Jessica’.

3:03 AM Dec 7th 2010

Anurag Kashyap (@ankash1009) on his future and ongoing projects in this interview with The Hindu:[+]

2:50 PM Dec 1st 2010