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The 2010 collection.

A composer calls @milliblog: ‘If more people like you start voicing your opinion, what will we do yaar?’…r-called-me/[+]

1:32 PM Dec 31st 2010

@sumitsharan Reminds me of Kill Bill.

11:49 AM Dec 30th 2010 in reply to lokallobaat

Not a great interface though. Cluttered, littered with ads… the usual suspects. Will wait & watch. More[+] /via @milliblog

1:30 AM Dec 9th 2010

Interesting.[+] launches with a catalogue that’s free to stream / Rs.12 (or less) to download (128kbps DRM-free) per song.

1:25 AM Dec 9th 2010

@krtgrphr Realised the mistake as soon as I hit ‘Post’. Followed it up with a correction. Damn Murphy!

1:36 AM Dec 8th 2010 in reply to krtgrphr

For more Rahman talk, subscribe to by @rakeshrach and the aforementioned by @krtgrphr.

1:28 AM Dec 8th 2010

An ode to “the phenomenon that is Aaromale”, guilty of suspending many a night.

By @krtgrphr

11:44 PM Dec 7th 2010

Amit Trivedi returns to his ‘Dev.D’ roots with the grungy and edgy ‘No One Killed Jessica’ after the polished and refined ‘Aisha’.

11:25 PM Dec 7th 2010

Hooked to the gripping ‘Aitbar’ from Amit Trivedi’s latest release, ‘No One Killed Jessica’.

3:03 AM Dec 7th 2010

Anurag Kashyap (@ankash1009) on his future and ongoing projects in this interview with The Hindu:[+]

2:50 PM Dec 1st 2010

Sudhir Misra’s leaked Tera Kya Hoga Johny gets a mish-mashed, genre conforming trailer /via @sumitsharan

3:32 PM Nov 23rd 2010[+] ‘Shor’ by Raj Nidimoru and Krishna DK, the pair behind the funtoosh betting caper ‘99’.

/via @myPFC

5:42 PM Nov 16th 2010

The aforementioned ‘No One Killed Jessica’ has Raj Kumar Gupta’s direction and Amit Trivedi’s music. The same team that gave us ‘Aamir’.

10:56 PM Nov 15th 2010

Not everyday you hear an interviewee begin every 2nd answer with “I disagree”. V Bhardwaj, saying it like it is:

1:19 PM Oct 26th 2010

Song of the day: ‘Fiqrana Ho Ke’ from Rahman’s ‘Blue’.

1:12 AM Oct 21st 2010

Faith, Babri Masjid verdict and Delhi-6.

12:59 AM Sep 25th 2010

@sumitsharan Want to sample more tamil music? Try ‘Va Va Nilava Pudici’ from the same album or of course Rahman’s massive body of work.

11:12 PM Sep 23rd 2010

‘Iragai Pole’ from ‘Naan Mahaan Alla’ is like a whirlpool. Sucks you in in an extremely trippy and satisfying manner.

1:29 AM Sep 22nd 2010

Amazed at the rapid inclusion of the new Rupee symbol. Why, it’s even found its way into movie titles!

2:22 PM Sep 21st 2010

‘Pam Pa Ra’ from ‘Jhootha Hi Sahi’ sounds like a missing track from ‘Rangeela’. Love it!

5:59 PM Sep 20th 2010 if 17th September seems too far away.

8:16 PM Sep 14th 2010

A preview from the aforementioned Laya Project producer @EarthSync’s ‘Earth Moments’ ethnic music library:

4:23 AM Sep 10th 2010

@sumitsharan Interesting. Let’s wait till it goes on the floor.

4:05 AM Sep 10th 2010

The first Indian sitcom to graduate to the big screen? Either way, couldn’t have chosen a better candidate.[+]

9:07 PM Sep 8th 2010

Help put a name to that Hindi film artist’s face[+] and then collect them all![+]

/via @nimbupani

5:50 PM Sep 7th 2010

Liked Peepli [Live]? Do yourself a favour and check out the extremely underrated Anwar.

3:51 PM Sep 6th 2010

“Six shores sharing one ocean, one sky, and one language of survival and music.” – Laya Project /via Akanksha

11:40 PM Aug 27th 2010

Been out of touch. Any interesting developments catch your eye recently?

11:17 PM Aug 25th 2010

Bit late, but if you still haven’t seen them, trailer, clips and more from Anurag Kashyap’s ‘That Girl in Yellow Boots.’[+]

7:31 PM Aug 17th 2010

Callout to ‘Aandhi’, my favourite R.D. Burman album and arguably one of his finest. Do you have a number one?

1:07 AM Aug 5th 2010

Song of the moment: “Yeh Jo Des Hai Tera, Swades Hai Tera, Tujhe Hai Pukara”, rendered by Rahman, who else.

9:30 AM Jul 30th 2010

Seven husbands, (Piggy) chopped. Bond, Ruskin Bond. Bharadwaj, Vishal Bharadwaj. Saat khoon, maaf! #didyouknow

8:40 PM Jul 22nd 2010

Good piece on the naked realism in @DibakarBanerjee’s films passionforci…iddle-class/[+]

9:01 PM Jul 21st 2010

5 years of Karthik’s @milliblog: “If we Indians do not listen to our own country’s music, who else will?”

Hear, hear!…tes-5-years/[+]

5:12 PM Jul 19th 2010

Tu Raja Ki Raj Dulari — Haryanvi folk put to excellent use in @DibakarBanerjee’s ‘Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye!’. Music by Sneha Khanwalkar.

8:38 AM Jul 18th 2010

Song of the day: Thodi Thodi Saanjh from The Great Indian Butterfly. Composed and sung by Shibani Kashyap (of Sajna Aa Bhi Jaa fame).

12:18 AM Jul 14th 2010

@rashmiswamy Hey, thanks for the shout-out!

2:03 PM Jul 9th 2010

Song of the day: ‘Barson se Barse’, a folksy pop track from Pankaj Awasthi’s excellent album ‘Nine’.

6:08 PM Jul 8th 2010

Navdeep Singh, the director of Manorama Six Feet Under, is busy making another thriller with Abhay Deol. Also, Chitrangada Singh. Yay!

12:56 AM Jul 7th 2010

It’s the film with the unresolved title. Sudhir Mishra cannot decide between Dil dar-ba-dar (+1) and Yeh Saali Zindagi.[+]

4:25 PM Jul 5th 2010

Sudhir Mishra, Shantanu Moitra, Swanand Kirkire, Chitrangada Singh … no, I’m not talking about Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi. :-)

4:33 AM Jul 5th 2010

Song of the day: ‘Main Kaun Hoon’ from ‘Lamhaa’, Mithoon’s latest. Never heard Palash Sen sing a ‘Yeh Hai Meri Kahani’ type song before.

12:18 AM Jul 5th 2010

Prithvi meri pyaari prithvi, tera taap mitata hoon
Dashrath ke yahan main banke Raam, ati shigrah avadh mein aata hoon.
#delhi6 #raamleela

5:53 PM Jul 3rd 2010

Janam na pooche, jaat na pooche, poocho jo pehchaan Beera ka abhimaan hai, abhimaan hai, abhimaan hai… #lyrics #gulzar

10:13 PM Jun 29th 2010

Jaise sare aam Iraq mein jaa kar jam gaye Uncle Sam, jaise bina baat Afgaanistan ka baj gaye bhaiya band. #lyrics #piyushmishra

3:49 AM Jun 27th 2010

For Teja, for Tilu, for GoGo, for Raawbert, for anginat laughs @AndazApnaApna94. Hindi comedy at its best.

5:34 PM Jun 25th 2010

Maathe ya haathon pe, chaand ya taaron mein, kismat ko dhunde par khud mein kya hai ye na jaane. #lyrics #mehboob

1:23 PM Jun 24th 2010

Itna bhi door mat jao, ki paas aana mushkil ho. Itna bhi paas mat aao, ki door jaana mushkil ho. #lyrics #anandbakshi

12:21 AM Jun 24th 2010

Backview Bollywood: Painted mud-flaps of rickshaws & cycle carts. [Flickr Set]…94094242130/[+] /via @rashmiswamy

10:45 PM Jun 20th 2010

@AuteurMark Good luck to you! When do we get to watch it for ourselves?

3:06 AM Jun 20th 2010

Getting @gary_hustwit-esque vibes from the Common Thread teaser, a docu by Mihir Desai, age 22.[+] /cc @AuteurMark

2:03 AM Jun 20th 2010

3 days to come face to face with Beera and Ragini, Ram and Raavan, Rahman and Sivan, with Mani Ratnam’s latest. Can you feel the thrill?

11:25 PM Jun 15th 2010

30 second previews of Delhii Heights:

4:27 PM Jun 14th 2010

You might’ve heard Rabbi & Avengi Ja Nahin, but have you sampled the Delhii Heights album, also composed by Rabbi Bullah-Ki-Jaana Shergill?

3:45 PM Jun 14th 2010

So much to quote, so little space.

Mani Ratnam on Raavan, the Epics and political beliefs: bangaloremir…ners….html[+]
(via @rakeshrach)

1:26 PM Jun 13th 2010

Jhini (title track) was itself composed for a little known film called Swaraj (The Little Republic).

11:40 PM Jun 11th 2010

‘Des Mera’ from Indian Ocean’s 2003 album ‘Jhini’ <> features on the upcoming Peepli Live soundtrack.

11:34 PM Jun 11th 2010

Music: the one saving grace when stuck doing.. anything. Tabla artist Talvin Singh’s ‘Ha’ currently rescuing me from exam prep. #fusionmusic

7:39 PM Jun 9th 2010

@sukhi_c Dev.D and Aamir had some of the most refreshing compositions from the Hindi film industry in a long time. Hope Udaan has some more!

7:48 PM Jun 7th 2010

The movie: Udaan, by debutant Vikramaditya Motwane. Might remember him as Dev.D’s screenwriter. Also, Amit Trivedi.
/cc @Udaanthefilm

6:46 PM Jun 7th 2010

An Indian film competed at this year’s Cannes festival, the first to do so in 7 years. It was screened for Un Certain Regard. #didyouknow

10:21 PM Jun 6th 2010

‘Tere Bin Laden’ looks all set to be this year’s dark horse comedy, à la ‘The President is Coming’. Check it out at

11:01 PM Jun 5th 2010

Brilliant site for keeping tabs on a movie’s anticipation, popularity and reactions on Twitter:

2:43 PM Jun 4th 2010

The aforementioned movie: Aagey Se Right, by Indrajit Nattooji. Title concept and animation: Upasana Nattoji Roy of Switch animation studio.

9:00 PM Jun 3rd 2010

Did you know: the work of a Mumbai animator for a recent Indian comedy was a finalist at the 2010 SXSW Film Excellence in Title Design award

10:29 PM May 31st 2010

Relive the glorious crime thriller magic of old with fine candidates from the 2000s — Johnny Gaddar and Manorama Six Feet Under.

4:11 PM May 30th 2010

Song of the day: Indian Rain by Colonial Cousins. A lovely serenade by Leslie Lewis, backed with classical vocals by Hariharan. #fusionmusic

2:42 PM May 29th 2010

Heard of ‘Admissions Open’? Probably not.

Amit Trivedi’s music is worth checking out, esp ‘Roshni’ by ‘Paayaliya’ singer @ShrutipathakS.

3:48 AM May 28th 2010

“As it stands, the [Raavan] soundtrack has life, but it lacks soul without ‘Jaa Re Ud Jaa Re’.”[+]

7:26 PM May 26th 2010

Raajneeti, Raavan, Inception and Toy Story 3; June & July couldn’t come any sooner.

11:31 PM May 25th 2010

Movies, movies, मूवीज़!

9:57 PM May 25th 2010