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@keeperofthekeys Chef did not suggest any work around. Guess you should be able to find some strong/hard flour if you hunt well.

4:36 AM Oct 23rd 2012 in reply to keeperofthekeys

Pizza trivia, recipe and tips from Chef Theo — everything you need to know to make those perfect pizzas right at home.


2:33 AM Oct 23rd 2012

Perhaps you wouldn’t want to miss the food at Ramlila around this time. Here’s what we did a year back — bellycentric…6955/ramlila[+]


4:30 AM Oct 22nd 2012

Speaking of Bombay, @virsanghvi charts the origin & spread of its “gastronomic diversity” in a long essay on the city: virsanghvi.c…aspx?key=855[+]

4:24 AM Oct 17th 2012

If you’re attending the Mumbai Film Festival, here is a helpful guide to pay heed to those hunger pangs between movies. filmblog.aut…de-2012.html[+]

2:30 AM Oct 17th 2012

Learn how to make & taste desserts using Häagen-Dazs ice-cream with Maria Goretti. All for 100 bucks! Sign up here:…aria-Goretti[+]

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