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From the month of May, 2011.

@banerjeerupak Our fellow bhukkad @souvikdg takes that as a compliment. Thank you.

4:08 PM May 31st 2011 in reply to banerjeerupak

Photo: Dahi-Bhalle at Ashok Chaat Corner (Chawri Bazaar)[+]

12:37 PM May 28th 2011

Photo: Crispy Hing Kachoris & Samosas (Naya Baans)[+]

12:36 PM May 28th 2011

Tried the ‘Chocolate Paan’ outside Odeon in C.P. Not a bad variation I must say. They also serve a Strawberry & Chuski Paan :)

8:06 PM May 26th 2011

Depressing absence of local, independent fresh food vendors on the platforms of Purani Dilli railway station.

1:46 AM May 24th 2011

Chakh le, chakh le, chakh le

Chakh le sare gham …

4:01 PM May 21st 2011

Rains don’t dampen our spirits. We’re headed towards the walled city.

11:34 AM May 21st 2011

Words not enough to make you jealous? We’re on Flickr too:…ellycentric/[+]

Hungry much?

5:30 PM May 19th 2011

Field Report: The Moolchand Paranthe-waala

6:01 PM May 18th 2011

Potato-filled South Indian crepes or Masala Though-Sa? sumantics.wo…masala-dosa/[+] #youprefer (via @Sumantics)

5:52 PM May 18th 2011

Re: today’s @EOiD food walk. All three of us (@souvikdg, @lokallobaat and @rungta) will be there, belly in tow.

6:47 AM May 14th 2011