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From the month of July, 2011.

Monsoons, Bhuttas and the accompanying Bhutta Masala. hindustantim…-726969.aspx[+]

12:51 AM Jul 31st 2011

South Indian meals for Dummies. A guide by @Sarcasan: sarcasan.tum…-indian-meal[+] /via @eclairsk3

10:44 AM Jul 29th 2011

@jyotibhargava Thank you Ma’am! Indian Coffee House at Mohan Singh Place is a must try if you like undisturbed time travel.

9:57 AM Jul 27th 2011 in reply to jyotibhargava

If for some reason you happen to be looking for food, vegetarian food, in Goa jdesignlab.c…tarians.html[+] /by @jyotibhargava

9:26 AM Jul 27th 2011

Just to get you smiling for the day: Simpoo Singh Sodhi turns vegetarian.…=Jp4MjWg33fA[+]

5:59 AM Jul 23rd 2011

No authentic pretence this. B’lore’s Veeks & Thomas are unapologetically Indian about the continental on their menu. theindiatube…ly-good-meal[+]

7:18 PM Jul 15th 2011

Now Serving: One of the last meals at El Bulli, headed by possibly the world’s best chef…Ferran Adrià.[+]

7:00 PM Jul 10th 2011

Missing Plates | Chef @RoshniBajaj on the lack of diversity in cuisine in Mumbai, contrary to popular opinion. mumbaiboss.c…sing-plates/[+]

7:16 PM Jul 9th 2011

“We never charge a restaurant because to show their listing, that’s the Right to Information Act!” —Zomato co-founder Pankaj Chaddah, today.

5:32 PM Jul 9th 2011

All you need is a beautiful evening: Coffee on the Terrace – bellycentric…-the-terrace[+]

1:15 PM Jul 6th 2011

“If you hide from germs and bugs, of course you’ll fall sick.”

9:58 AM Jul 5th 2011

Vir Sanghvi on how restaurant cuisine in Delhi has never been as varied and as interesting as it is these days. virsanghvi.c….aspx?ID=645[+]

11:00 AM Jul 4th 2011