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The correct shape is the shape of the object’s meaning. Everything has its own order.

10:02 AM Jan 23rd 2012

The design of Saint Peter’s Church: saintpeters….elli-design/[+]

3:36 AM Jan 14th 2012

Stackability is not accidental: vignellidesi…02/stackable[+]

9:50 AM Jan 9th 2012

The paper and I will go away, but a good idea will last forever.

11:49 PM Jan 4th 2012

To me, design is a mission to prevent bad design from taking place. Better design for a better world.

3:51 AM Jan 3rd 2012

We’re in the revolutionary 1450s of digital publishing, just after the invention of movable type. Books will disappear. Design for digital.

5:39 AM Dec 3rd 2011

Steve Jobs understood the four wheels to success in our industry: design, production, financial and marketing. His vision was total.

12:02 AM Nov 26th 2011

Worth repeating: Good design is visually powerful, intellectually elegant, and above all, timeless.

1:10 AM Nov 20th 2011

The Vignelli home library: 50 years of print design vignellidesi…/12678429852[+]

6:39 AM Nov 12th 2011

@saurospagnol @TrevorBaum @fenmark @mullerbrockmann @juniorspecial The client’s needs first, yes. But that’s not a license for any typeface.

9:02 PM Nov 8th 2011 in reply to saurospagnol

Photo: The Saratoga, designed in 1964 for Poltronova. vignellidesi…/12509707304[+]

12:05 PM Nov 8th 2011

@KombinatType Timelessness is how we measure greatness. Only a few typefaces have stood the test of time, hence we only stick to a handful.

9:10 AM Nov 8th 2011 in reply to KombinatType

@Ampersanderson Apprenticeship should be supported by education in design history, theory and criticism.

5:56 AM Nov 8th 2011 in reply to Ampersanderson

@KLTF Except, there are only a handful of great typefaces.

5:53 AM Nov 8th 2011 in reply to KLTF

@shaunpimley Focus on other design elements for expressiveness. Keep typography objective. Stick to timeless ones like Helvetica or Bodoni.

4:31 AM Nov 8th 2011 in reply to shaunpimley

The worse the designer is, the more typefaces he uses.

11:12 AM Nov 7th 2011

You cannot have better design unless you have better design schools. It is as simple as that.

4:28 AM Nov 6th 2011

We like music and we can’t stand noise. What we see in poor design is noise. Noise is a sound that has no intellectual depth.

2:19 AM Oct 22nd 2011

New York’s all new SD26, designed by us:[+] (Flash required)

11:47 AM Oct 18th 2011