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From the month of January, 2011.

When you have discipline, you don’t have to look for beauty – it comes out from the clarity of information itself. That is why we use grids.

12:31 AM Jan 30th 2011

Art does not have any limits, but design should.

9:41 AM Jan 26th 2011

Our job is to spread the notion of quality as much as possible. That is our mission.

12:06 PM Jan 18th 2011

If modernism is treated as style, it is modern no more. Modern has no style. Modern is a discipline. Modern is an attitude; a way of being.

11:55 AM Jan 10th 2011

Our approach to graphic design has always been the organization of information. We don’t think of design as art. Design is just design.

12:19 AM Jan 8th 2011