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Remember the @nytimes’s Snow Fall? (…2/snow-fall/[+])

Here’s @pitchforkmedia’s cover story (bonus: Daft Punk):…r/daft-punk/[+]

4:24 AM May 15th 2013

Also, @Medium, we long for a future where your URLs are more readable and expose less gibberish like ‘898b8f78b021’. #overexposed

2:51 AM May 4th 2013

“I long for the future where I can safely assume my passwords are stolen”. So urges @fun_cuddles:…898b8f78b021[+]

2:51 AM May 4th 2013

Ever wondered about the history of punctuation? Maximal meaning in minimal space: shadycharact…tus-article/[+] (via @turmericdesign)

6:22 PM Apr 24th 2013

And if you wish to get a taste of how much work Dropbox is doing to achieve their simplicity, spend some time using (the competing) Box.

10:50 PM Apr 16th 2013

“What we’re really trying to build is the Internet’s file system.” Dropbox founder Drew Houston on simplicity & more: technologyre…s-the-cloud/[+]

10:50 PM Apr 16th 2013

Clients that recognise the extra metadata can vastly improve the UI for notifications. Older clients continue treating it as regular email.

12:40 AM Apr 13th 2013

Re: last tweet, high time for an open standard / protocol built a-top emails for handling things like notifications.

12:38 AM Apr 13th 2013