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From the month of November, 2011.

There. The secret is out!

Now go add SEO to your site. bcolbow.tumb…secret-sauce[+]

9:24 PM Nov 30th 2011

Brent Simmons on curly quotes: “When you don’t use them, I think you’re an amateur.”

We strongly agree. inessential….curly_quotes[+]

3:42 PM Nov 23rd 2011

Long outstanding fixes for the TextMate HTML bundle (doctype, tag folding, attrs):[+]

Instructions: gist.github….omment-64725[+]

11:13 PM Nov 22nd 2011

InstaCSS – handy find-as-you-type CSS reference / docs search (with regex support).[+]

6:47 PM Nov 16th 2011

Meet rem. CSS3 unit, just like em but always relative to the root element. Wowza!…es/#rem-unit[+] /via @beep’s blog.typekit…ible-letter/[+]

5:44 PM Nov 14th 2011

More on information architecture, mental models and designing user experiences in @iA’s interview by Dorm Room Tycoon. dormroomtyco…nces-design/[+]

12:40 AM Nov 11th 2011

“One reason why there are few simple websites is simply because it’s difficult to reduce anything to its essence.”
– Oliver @iA Reichenstein

12:39 AM Nov 11th 2011

Mou – an upcoming OS X Markdown editor for web developers. Currently in beta.[+]

12:37 AM Nov 4th 2011

@rasagy Yup, the aim was not to get rid of scroll bars altogether. We were okay with vertical scroll after a certain point.

1:56 PM Nov 1st 2011 in reply to rasagy

@rasagy Ah, yes, intentional again. Maybe you find it odd as you are resizing the browser. In most practical scenarios we want the padding.

2:39 AM Nov 1st 2011 in reply to rasagy

@rasagy If you mean the current width/height when the scrollbar(s) appear, then yes, we didn’t want to go any smaller than that.

1:29 AM Nov 1st 2011 in reply to rasagy

Media queries afford us not just horizontal but also vertical responsiveness. Our very first site featured both.[+]

1:03 AM Nov 1st 2011