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From the month of April, 2012.

One of us is at #metarefresh. Meet @souvikdg. He is fat and in all-black.

10:30 AM Apr 21st 2012

OH: We’ve never sent a single email ki aap aaye nahin meri dukaan pe bade din se.

3:55 PM Apr 19th 2012

Indian Railways’ real-time train status website gets a (fantastic) major re-design: trainenquiry…indexNS.aspx[+]

More like this please!

6:49 PM Apr 18th 2012

Come and watch our own @souvikdg talk about ‘Designing in the Browser’ this Saturday at Meta Refresh, Bangalore.[+]

2:39 PM Apr 16th 2012

@VasuTweets Web development company you say? We’d love to find out more about this ‘exciting work’.[+]

12:24 PM Apr 14th 2012

“Meanwhile, I’m going to use the app whose UI works best, not the app whose development methodology most fits my political preconceptions.”

12:35 AM Apr 14th 2012

@hfactor Care to elaborate on that? We’d love to know which areas need most improvement. @jackerhack @jishnu7

11:00 AM Apr 5th 2012 in reply to hfactor

Would you like to hear @souvikdg on why designing sites in the browser (like we do here at Miranj) Makes Sense™?


6:07 PM Apr 3rd 2012

No denying the shabby state of most Indian Government websites. Sadly, not much is happening.

Here’s a first step. metarefresh….n/takecharge[+]

6:25 PM Apr 2nd 2012

We got another chance to help @hasgeek, & this time for something close to our hearts — web design.

Meet Meta Refresh:[+]

4:11 PM Apr 2nd 2012