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Where @craigmod hails The Magazine for dropping legacy cruft & doing better with the essentials. Progress, basically:…_publishing/[+]

3:26 PM Nov 28th 2012

@ap00rv We’ve always found Times to be very readable, and LCDs have, if anything, only improved legibility. Thanks for the feedback though.

3:11 PM Nov 27th 2012 in reply to ap00rv

@ap00rv Are you saying ‘widely installed’ is undesirable?

1:56 PM Nov 27th 2012 in reply to ap00rv

@ap00rv Not really. It’s well digitized, widely installed and (we believe) quite good at its job as a body type.

10:18 PM Nov 26th 2012 in reply to ap00rv

@ap00rv Sorry, Twitter was showing a low-res version. The type looks fine in the screenshot on yfrog. What looks wrong to you?

6:07 PM Nov 26th 2012 in reply to ap00rv

@ap00rv What device and browser was that from?

5:55 PM Nov 26th 2012 in reply to ap00rv

The ageing user authentication paradigm:…ng-user-auth[+]

(Triggered by MailChimp’s recent post on ditching ‘social’ login buttons.)

4:33 PM Nov 23rd 2012

@_karan Perhaps, but wouldn’t iOS style elastic scroll edges(?) be an improvement without being confusing? // @shauninman

5:18 PM Nov 14th 2012 in reply to _karan

Mr. @rungta will be at #JSFoo today and tomorrow. Go say hi!

10:03 AM Oct 19th 2012

What does it mean to be simple?

To have a single core idea, all the way down. 52weeksofux….to-be-simple[+]

8:02 PM Oct 10th 2012

Indian Railways – Live!

Rail Radar:…[+]

3:14 PM Oct 10th 2012

SEO for dummies:

“So what you’re saying is I should cover myself in dung in order to draw attention?”


“Please take all my money.”

6:02 PM Sep 19th 2012

The Great Discontent turned one: thegreatdisc…com/year-one[+]

Happy Birthday @greatdiscontent!

12:43 AM Sep 7th 2012

… and convince other people that it’s worth their time as well.”

@wilsonminer in Issue 3 of @offscreenmag[+]

11:58 PM Sep 3rd 2012

“As a designer, your influence is proportionate to your ability to articulate your point of view…

11:58 PM Sep 3rd 2012

Also, the feedback form on[+] cannot handle the ’ character, so steer clear of it. #Protip

2:04 PM Sep 3rd 2012

Wow. This can be huge.[+]

(via @gonsalves_r, who calls for a law against )

1:46 PM Sep 3rd 2012