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Sneha Khanwalka is also doing the music for @ankash1009’s Gangs of Wasseypur and has a new “Sound Trippin” show on MTV:

3:59 PM Mar 16th 2012

Sneha Khanwalkar’s hunt for that raw sound of Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye!…=7HmwGXlIlq8[+]

3:55 PM Mar 16th 2012

Same ka same, change ka change! #KhoslaKaGhosla

9:17 PM Mar 12th 2012

We might finally have a reliable, sane & trustworthy option for buying music online with @Flipkart’s any-day-now foray into MP3 downloads.

2:34 AM Feb 23rd 2012

Add ‘Valley of Saints’ to the growing list of movies coming out of Kashmir. moifightclub…nts-trailer/[+]

Read more about it: dearcinema.c…-saints/4040[+]

12:35 AM Feb 5th 2012

Bring Your Own Film Festival, 21st – 25th February, Puri.[+]

11:33 PM Jan 29th 2012

NH7 talks to @paponmusic about his story so far……tory-so-far/[+]

5:19 PM Jan 26th 2012

‘Darbari’ by @lagoriindia: reverbnation…now/11914211[+]

The famous raag gets the rock treatment by this Bangalore band.

1:10 AM Jan 26th 2012

@rashmiswamy Also worth checking out from the same movie – ‘Sadaa’ by Agnee.


9:14 PM Jan 19th 2012 in reply to rashmiswamy

Song of the day: ‘Behne Do’ composed by Alokananda Dasgupta & sung by Rekha Bhardwaj. From the upcoming movie ‘Shala’.…=uJ1TYnlB0pk[+]

4:42 PM Jan 19th 2012

7-min preview of Ashwin Kumar’s “Inshallah, Kashmir”, the full uncensored version of which will be online on 26th. moifightclub…ving-terror/[+]

11:41 PM Jan 18th 2012

Background score cues by Rahman from the recent ‘Rockstar’, put together by the unfailing @ursmusically: backgroundsc…d-score.html[+]

1:14 AM Nov 29th 2011

Song of the day: ‘Kangna’ by Fareed Ayaz and Abu Muhammad, with a scintillating performance on Season 4 of Coke Studio:…[+]

12:39 AM Nov 25th 2011

Badal ko kabhi short circuit hote hue dekha hai kya? #Delhi6

10:17 PM Nov 7th 2011

This year’s @NH7 Weekender takes place at Pune on the 18th, 19th and 20th. Best thing to happen for Indian indie music.[+]

3:17 PM Nov 3rd 2011

A documentary on the first ever @NH7 Weekend (2010).…documentary/[+]

Includes support for n00b subtitles.

2:03 PM Nov 3rd 2011

Song of the day: ‘Paimana Bitte’, a beautiful Darri/Farsi and Pashto/Afghani number from Zeb & Haniya’s debut album ‘Chup’.

11:24 AM Oct 31st 2011

Folk Rajasthan – An initiative to better organise and present the folk music of Rajasthan.[+] /via @aahsomemag

3:10 PM Oct 25th 2011

एक जहां छोटा सा अपना एक जहां तुम्हारा
मुस्कान चाहे मीठी हो या आंसू एक खारा
चलो बाँट ले गम और ख़ुशी थोड़ी गुफ्तगू कर लें,
कहो Kya Khayaal Hai

3:41 AM Oct 25th 2011

Chalo baant lein gham aur khusi thodi guftagoo……[+]

24 hours to the Dewarists EP 2 with Shantanu, Swanand, Zeb & Haniya.

7:32 PM Oct 22nd 2011